365 Days of Cocktails

A gallery of all the drinks and recipes created here at the Sip Advisor during the 2013 drink- a-day challenge. Click on the drink names below the photos for the link to each drink recipe and article. Cheers!

Golden Resolution CocktailCool Collins Drink RecipeManhattan Martini     Jan1: Golden Resolution           Jan2: Cool Collins                 Jan3: Manhattan

Blue Razz BuzzSilk Panties with Lace ShotCosmopolitan Martini    Jan4: Blue Razz Buzz     Jan5:Silk Panties with Lace    Jan6: The Cosmopolitan

Whipped White Russian Drink RecipeScotch on the RocksAppletini Jan 7: Whipped White         Jan8: Scotch on Rocks                Jan 9: Appletini

Bay BreezeBelliniHave You Cinned Jan 10: Bay Breeze                  Jan 11: Bellini                 Jan 12: Have You Cinned?

Long Island Iced TeaSpiced SourPurple FlirtJan13:Long Island Iced Tea        Jan 14:Spiced Sour                Jan 15: Purple Flirt

Not So Fuzzy NavalSea BreezeLounge LizardJan 16: Not So Fuzzy Navel        Jan 17: Sea Breeze          Jan 18: Lounge Lizard

On the CuspMelon MargaritaTequila Sunrise     Jan 19: On The Cusp            Jan 20: Melon Margarita        Jan 21: Tequila Sunrise

EnvyBrave Bull CocktailPaloma  Jan 22: Envy                                  Jan 23: Brave Bull                    Jan 24: Paloma

Sarsaparilla AssassinFlatlinerAC Maple Leaf  Jan 25: Sarsaparilla Assassin             Jan 26: Flatliner         Jan 27: AC Maple Leaf

Harvey WallbangerWest Coast ParalyzerFirestone   Jan 28: Harvey Wallbanger  Jan29: West Coast Paralyzer       Jan 30: Firestone

Disaronno JazzThe PreacherGroundhog's Shadow Jan 31: Disaronno Jazz                   Feb 1:The Preacher     Feb2:Groundhog Shadow

Sweet Vermouth with Twist CocktailLounge Lizard #2  Tequila Fizz            Feb 3: Bill Murray              Feb4:Lounge Lizard #2         Feb 5: Tequila Fizz

After Five Drink RecipeLynchburg LemonadeLimestone Breeze            Feb 6: After Five             Feb7:Lynchburg Lemon   Feb 8: Limestone Breeze Burt ReynoldsAgave KissBerried Treasure      Feb 9: Burt Reynolds             Feb 10: Agave Kiss          Feb 11: Berried Treasure Skor BarChocolate MartiniRaspberry Chocolate Love        Feb 12: Skor Bar          Feb13: Chocolate Martini   Feb14: Raspberry Choc Love

Banana Split MartiniTootsie RollVodoo Cocktail     Feb 15: Banana Split           Feb 16: Tootsie Roll                Feb 17: Voodoo

Candy RiderStrawberry SentimentGolden Shower    Feb 18: Candy Rider          Feb19:Strawberry Sentiment   Feb 20:Golden Shower Rainbow OrgyBlue LagoonBerry DelightFeb 21: Rainbow Orgy     Feb 22: Blue Lagoon Margarita      Feb 23: Berry Delight Hidden Mickey CocktailParty General CocktailLife's a Peach Cocktail       Feb 24:Hidden Mickey     Feb 25: Party General             Feb 26: Life’s a Peach Cap'n StormyLeap Year DrinkBerrynade Drink recipe    Feb 27:Cap’n Stormy         Feb 28: Leap Year Cocktail          Mar 1: Berrynade Key Lime Pie ShooterGoldfinger MartiniRed Apple Drink         Mar 2: Key Lime Pie                   Mar 3: Goldfinger                Mar 4: Red Apple Caribbean Buck CocktailSkinny Miami CocktailLoopy Lemonade Cocktail      Mar 5: Caribbean Buck          Mar 6: Skinny Miami     Mar 7: Loopy Lemonade Pepper Delicious MartiniBreakfast of Champions ShotAbsinthe Green Fairy Mar 8: Pepper Delicious  Mar9:Breakfast of Champs     Mar 10: Classic Absinthe Death in the Afternoon AbsintheSepultura Beer CocktailSazerac CocktailMar11:Death in Afternoon     Mar 12: Sepultura                       Mar 13: Sazerac

Monkey Gland DrinkBloodsucker MartiniDead Man Walking Absinthe Shot Mar 14: Monkey Gland          Mar 15: Bloodsucker          Mar 16: Dead Man Walking

Irish Car BombLush Cocktail RecipePama-Jama Cocktail    Mar 17: I Irish Car Bomb              Mar 18: Lush                    Mar 19: PAMA-Jama

Blue Memphis Drink RecipeBottle Cap Drink CocktailSouthern Frost Cocktail     Mar 20: Blue Memphis            Mar 21: Bottle Cap            Mar 22: Southern Frost

Windshield Wiper Fluid ShooterRed Alert CocktailBabbling Brook CocktailMar23: Windshield Wiper            Mar 24: Red Alert            Mar 25: Babbling Brook

Crush CocktailLoopberry Splash Drink RecipeVegas Bomb Shooter Mar 26: Crush Cocktail   Mar 27: Loopberry Splash           Mar 28: Vegas Bomb

Poker Face CocktailVegas Blowjob ShooterCreme Egg Cocktail Drink Recipe  Mar 29; Poker Face            Mar 30: Vegas Blowjob             Mar 31: Crème Egg

Pretty Vegas CocktailLady Luck CocktailLeaving Las Vegas Cocktail          April 1: Pretty Vegas               April 2: Lady Luck           Apr3:Leavin LasVegas

Bakon Bloody MaryPond Water MartiniFire Extinguisher ShotApr4:Bakon Bloody Mary         April 5: Pond Water         April 6: Fire Extinguisher

Mojito Drink RecipeGrump Old Man CocktailToucan Martini        April 7: Mojito               April 8: Grumpy Old Man                April 9: Toucan

Milestone Drink RecipeCoco Bongo CocktailBlack Magic Cocktail    April 10: Milestone           April 11: Coco Bongo               April 12: Black Magic

Candy Apple ShotCaptain Aaron CocktailWhiskey Sick Day   April 13: Candy Apple         April 14: Captain Aaron    April 15: Whiskey Sick Day Alabama Slammer CocktailKinky Bubbles CocktailGolden Cadillac Cocktail  April 16: Alabama Slammer   Apr17: Kinky Bubbles   April 18: Golden Cadillac Mad Fuzzy Melonade CocktailLiquid Marjiuana ShooterGin and TonicApr19:Mad Fuzzy Melonade  April 20: Liquid Marjiuana   April 21: Gin and Tonic Moon River Cocktail MartiniHighland Berry CocktailFrostbite Cocktail        April 22: Moon River          April 23: Highland Berry            April 24: Frostbite Gimlet Gin CocktailJet Black CocktailLondon Fog Shot         April 25: Gimlet                     April 26: Jet Black           April 27: London Fog Matador CocktailSin City CocktailIncome Tax Cocktail     April 28: Matador                  April 29: Sin City           April30:Income Tax Cocktail Black Mojito CocktailSex on the Sidewalk CocktailSidecar Cocktail         May 1: Black Mojito           May 2:Sex on the Sidewalk       May 3: Sidecar A.S.S. ShooterLaugh-A-MinuteSpiritual Enlightenment Cocktail       May 4: A..S.S.            May 5: Laugh-A-Minute    May 6: Spiritual Enlightenment Caesar DrinkMcNuggetini MartiniKryptonite Cocktail         May 7: Caesar                     May 8: McNuggetini                May 9: Kryptonite Cherry Crepe CocktailWedding Cake ShooterMother Love Cocktail Cherry Crepe                                 Wedding Cake                          Mother Love Lazy Afternoon CocktailTime For a Change CocktailAtone-MintLazy Afternoon                            Time For a Change                      Atone-Mint   Greenback CocktailPeanut Butter and Jelly MartiniAlien Piss Shot  Greenback                                                     PB&J Martini                      Alien Piss KamikaziSex on the BeachPrickly Pear Cocktail Kamikaze                                                Sex on the Beach                 Prickly Pear Greyhound CocktailOrange Tundra Drink RecipeFlirtini Cocktail  Greyhound                                               Orange Tundra                           Flirtini Banana Boomer ShotRusty Nail Drink RecipeYellow Strawberry Cocktail        Banana Boomer                                 Rusty Nail                     Yellow Strawberry Japanese Slipper Drink RecipeRed Lotus Drink RecipeRootbeer Fizz Drink Recipe Japanese Slipper                               Red Lotus                             Root Beer Fizz A Brisk Walk Through the Red Light DistrictProcrastinator ShooterBackyard Tea Cocktail  A Brisk Walk                                        Procrastinator                   Backyard Tea Rob Roy MartiniGlitter & Trash CocktailAsian Mist Martini Rob Roy                                     Glittler and Trash                      Asian Mist Flaming Larynx Drink RecipeBlue Angel CocktailB-52 Shot  Flaming Larynx                             Blue Angel                              B-52 SangriaFunky Garlic Wine CocktailLolita Wine Cocktail Sangria                                                Funky Garlic                            Lolita Sour Sex Wine Drink RecipeCactus Berry Wine Drink RecipeCountdown CocktailSour Sex                                           Cactus Berry                     Countdown Cocktail Carpet Licker ShotBig Daddy CocktailMojave Green Rattler Cocktail               Carpet Licker                              Big Daddy                  Mojave Green Rattler Paradise MartiniSwashbuckler Drink RecipeScrewdriver Cocktail Paradise                                                Swashbuckler                       Screwdriver Raspberry MojitoFour Horseman ShooterPink Mishe Cocktail       Raspberry Mojito               Four Horseman                         Pink Mishe Cold Lips CocktailCrimson Tide CocktailLemon Cry Drink Recipe          Cold Lips Cocktail                        Crimson Tide                         Lemon Cry    Redneck Zombie Drink RecipeStrange Brew Drink RecipeSeven Deadly Sins Shooter           Redneck Zombie                       Strange Brew                 Seven Deadly Sins   Flamingo Drink RecipeRed Maple Sunset Drink RecipeJournalist Martini              Flamingo                    Red Maple Sunset               Journalist Cocktail  Karma Killer Drink RecipeFirework Fizz Drink RecipeEvil Minion Cocktail Karma Killer                       Firework Fizz                           Evil Minion       Bert and Ernie ShooterWatermelon MojitoBend Me Over Slammer Cocktail            Bert and Ernie            Watermelon Mojito          Bend Me Over Slammer  Woo Woo CocktailSnickertiniCracked Chandelier Cocktail               Woo Woo                           Snickertini                     Cracked Chandelier       Chocolate Milk MojitoCement Mixer ShooterGuillotine Cocktail Chocolate Milk Mojito              Cement Mixer                            Guillotine   Lay Back and Relax CocktailThe Godfather CocktailGambon's Corner Cocktail     Lay Back and Relax                     Godfather                        Gambon’s Corner Rasputin CocktailTennessee Honeycomb CocktailMelon Ball Shooter        Rasputin Cocktail             Tennessee Honeycomb                    Melon Ball Michelada CocktailCincinnati Lunchbox CocktailSizzler Cocktail               Michelada                  Cincinnati Lunchbox                        Sizzler California Root Beer CocktailBoilermaker CocktailBeer's Knees Cocktail     California Root Beer                     Boilermaker                         Beer’s Knees Beneath the Sea ShotUltimate Warrior CocktailBloody Roadrunner Cocktail       Beneath the Sea              Ultimate Warrior                Bloody Roadrunner   Maple Donut CocktailBronx MartiniNew York Cocktail               Maple Donut                              Bronx                         New York Cocktail Blueberry Alias CocktailRoasted Mellow ShooterWater of Life Cocktail           Blueberry Alias                    Roasted Mellow                      Water of Life The Beauty Beneath MartiniThe Three Ladies CocktailUndercover Squirrel Cocktail   The Beauty Beneath            The Three Ladies                  Undercover Squirrel Killer Kool-Aid CocktailThe Big Crush CocktailZipper Shooter         Killer Kool-Aid                 The Big Crush                               Zipper Dirty Colada CocktailWildberry Daquiri CockatilThe Wave Cocktail             Dirty Colada                    Wildberry Daiquiri                    The Wave Little Death by Chocolate CocktailWicked Watermelon CocktailMexican Bulldog Cocktail         Death by Chocolate           Wicked Watermelon             Mexican Bulldog Jell-o ShotSunday Snuggie CocktailMint Julep Cocktail                   Jell-O Shot                       Sunday Snuggie                     Mint Julep           Cactus Kicker CocktailVillage Idiot MartiniShark's Tooth Cocktail                Cactus Kicker                            Village Idiot                     Shark’s Tooth        Mosquito  Bite CocktailWarm Fuzzies ShooterWedding Anniversary Cocktail              Mosquito Bite                       Warm Fuzzies             Wedding Anniversary Wedding Cake Drink RecipeThe Gladiator CocktailBig Dipper Cocktail               Wedding Cake                          The Gladiator                       Big Dipper Mexican Mojito CocktailMimosa CocktailBrain Freeze Shot         Mexican Mojito                   Mimosa                              Brain Freeze Kir Royale CocktailCoffee and Donuts CocktailUnicorn Cocktail             Kir Royale                  Coffee and Donuts                        Unicorn Playmate MartiniBanana Pepper CocktailWonderful Night Cocktail          Playmate Martini                    Banana Pepper                     Wonderful Night Jelly Bean ShotDouble Jeopardy CocktailWipeout Cocktail              Jelly Bean                       Double Jeopardy                          Wipeout  Homeward Bound CocktailEuthanasia CocktailFurry Purple Squirrel Cocktail        Homeward Bound                         Euthanasia                     Furry Purple Squirrel Drunk Monkey CocktailRainbow Cookie ShotCuba Libre Cocktail           Drunk Monkey                  Rainbow Cookie                       Cuba Libre Bahama Mama CocktailBushwacker CocktailMai-Tai Cocktail                 Bahama Mama                         Bushwacker                            Mai-Tai Daiquiri CocktailBlue Hawaiian CocktailWhat's My Name Again? Shot                     Daiquiri                            Blue Hawaiian              What’s My Name Again? Happy Birthday-Tini MartiniBoggle CocktailTwister Cocktail       Happy Birthday-Tini                         Boggle                                     Twister Mojo CocktailLost Generation CocktailNo Clue Cocktail                Mojo                            Lost Generation                             No Clue Das Boot ShotNegroni CocktailThe Wink Cocktail             Das Boot                            Negroni                                    The Wink Slapshot CocktailRaspberry Dew Drop CocktailWaikiki Wave Cocktail             Slapshot                     Raspberry Dew Drop                 Waikiki Wave Campfire MartiniKinky Tease ShotObsession Cocktail         Campfire Martini                     Kinky Tease                           Obsession Superman CocktailMudslide CocktailColony Club Martini     Superman Cocktail                       Mudslide                          Colony Club Martini Simpson & Son Revitalizing Tonic CocktailT&A Integration MartiniChurros Shooter   S&S Revitalizing Tonic            T&A Integration                         Churros Red Rum CocktailGreen Gobbler Drink RecipeSubway Rumbles Martini                    Red Rum                           Green Gobbler                 Subway Rumbles Old Fashioned Drink RecipeWicked Witch of the East Drink RecipeSpider's Bite Drink Recipe           Old Fashioned              Wicked Witch of the East                Spider’s Bite Zombie Guts ShooterJolly Rancher Drink RecipeGummy Worm Martini                Zombie Guts                       Jolly Rancher                        Gummy Worm Tootsie Pop Drink RecipeSkittles Drink RecipeNerds Drink Recipe             Tootsie Pop                            Skittles                                 Nerds Candy Corn MartiniBazooka Joe ShooterDracula's Kiss Martini                  Candy Corn                             Bazooka Joe                    Dracula’s Kiss Witch's Brew Drink RecipeAngel of Death MartiniCorpse Reviver Drink Recipe          Witch’s Brew                   Angel of Death                    Corpse Reviver Rigor Mortis Drink RecipeDay of the Dead Cocktail Drink RecipePorn Star Shooter           Rigor Mortis                     Day of the Dead                             Porn Star Dragon's Breath Drink RecipeCajun Kiss CocktailInternational Incident Drink Recipe         Dragon’s Breath                     Cajun Kiss                     International Incident Dubble Bubble CocktailAngry Bird CocktailSweet Tweet Drink Recipe        Dubble Bubble                     Angry Bird                              Sweet Tweet Mind Eraser ShooterMovember Rain Drink RecipeDirty Martini Drink Recipe            Mind Eraser                     Movember Rain                        Dirty Martini Zelda's Lullaby CocktailWarp Pipe Drink RecipeBreaking Bad Drink Recipe           Zelda’s Lullaby                          Warp Pipe                           Breaking Bad The Soprano Drink RecipeScooby Snack ShooterSouthern Hospitali-tea Drink Recipe              The Soprano                           Scooby Snack              Southern Hospitali-tea Three Wise Men Drink RecipeJohn Collins Drink RecipeFull Moon Lemonade Drink Recipe              Three Wise Men                       John Collins             Full Moon Lemonade Brain-Duster Drink RecipeChurchill Drink RecipeOatmeal Cookie Shooter               Brain-Duster                             Churchill                         Oatmeal Cookie Grasshopper CocktailBrandy Alexander Drink RecipeChocolate-Covered Pretzel Cocktail            Grasshopper                    Brandy Alexander          Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Sweet Tart CocktailApple Pie Martini Drink RecipeBlack Friday Drink Recipe                Sweet Tart                        Apple Pie Martini                     Black Friday Re-Run ShooterWinter Mojito Drink RecipePoinsettia Drink Recipe                        Re-Run                             Winter Mojito                          Poinsettia Chocolate Peppermintini Drink RecipeEggnog Drink RecipeGrinch Drink Recipe     Chocolate Peppermintini                     Eggnog                                  Grinch Christmas Jones Drink RecipeWinter is Coming ShooterNaughty List Drink Recipe     Christmas Jones                  Winter is Coming                         Naughty List Angel's Delight CocktailSnowflaketini Drink RecipeThe Woolly Mitten Drink Recipe          Angel’s Delight                    Snowflaketini                    The Woolly Mitten Candy Cane CocktailTinsel Bellini Drink RecipeChristmas Kiss Shooter               Candy Cane                       Tinsel Bellini                     Christmas Kiss The Mistletoe Drink RecipeChristmas Blizzard CocktailThe Nutcracker Cocktail                 The Mistletoe                      Christmas Blizzard              The Nutcracker Holiday Hopper CocktailGingerbread Man CocktailKiss Me Santa Drink Recipe              Holiday Hopper                  Gingerbread Man                     Kiss Me Santa Santa Shot ShooterThe North Pole Drink RecipeSilent Night Drink Recipe              Santa Shot                         The North Pole                         Silent Night  White Christmas Dream Drink RecipeMerry Christmas Drink RecipeSanta's Last Job Drink Recipe    White Christmas Dream                Merry Christmas                  Santa’s Last Job Hammered Farmer Drink RecipeBroken Down Golf Cart ShooterFireside Choco-Chat Drink Recipe       Hammered Farmer             Broken Down Golf Cart          Fireside Choco-Chat Iron Man Cocktail Drink RecipeBring in the New Year Drink RecipePerfect Kiss Drink Recipe             Iron Man Cocktail              Bring in the New Year             Perfect Kiss


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