June 4 – Glitter and Trash

Auction Hunter

As a collector of fine liquor knick-knacks, I recently hit EBay to find my next diamond in the rough. Here are some goodies (and some not-so-goodies) I was able to unearth:

Empty Bottles

Let’s start with an easy one. You know, once the alcohol is all gone, these bottles are only worth the bottle return deposit. What, did someone famous drink from them? Are they a brand that is hard to find and therefore has some value in its rarity? No, they’re just empty bottles, worth a combined total of 20-cents? Alrighty, I’ll pass. Verdict: Trash (with a capital T)

empty bottles

Japanese Drunken Man Decanter

Maybe I’m missing something culturally, but I would never want to have this in my house. The colours are all weird and I don’t understand why anyone would dress in top hat, bow tie and dress jacket, while also wearing a Lone Ranger-esque mask and polka dot pants. Verdict: Trash

drunken man liquor decanter

Liquor Globe

I think this little item is kind of neat, especially with a world traveler like Mrs. Sip in my household. I do wish the map was a little more detailed, so you could better pinpoint where you’ve been and where you’d like to go, as you enjoy your spirits, but all in all, this is a pretty cool dispenser. Verdict: Glitter

liquor globe

Little Wizzer

I really don’t understand these type of products… yeah, because I want my liquor to come out through a little boy’s dong. I guess there’s a gag element to the whole thing, but it doesn’t really work for me. I’ve also seen the wizzer come in other styles, like golfer and geezer, so clearly there’s a market for urinated alcohol. Verdict: Trash

bonny boy liquor dispenser

Electronic Liquor Dispenser

Alright, let’s finish strong. I would love to have this item at the Sip Advisor headquarters. You simply tap a button and whatever liquor you have hooked up to that corresponding switch fills your glass. The dispenser is pricey, however, some running as high as $400… they do often come with free shipping, though! Verdict: Glitters like gold, diamonds and all the other good stuff!

Liquor Dispenser

Drink #155: Glitter and Trash

June 4

Okay, I’m not actually a booze-themed auction hunter… I only play one on the internet. Still, it was kind of fun to see what was available on the wild, wild web and I even found a few items I would love to own. Got something you want to sell me? Drop me a line and I’ll ask Mrs. Sip to increase my allowance!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
I liked this recipe and was able to taste all the ingredients from within, from the Strawberry and Kiwi in the Vodka, to the Juniper flavouring in the Gin. The Lemon-Lime Soda just finished the drink perfectly. I’m not sure what the name is all about… luckily this cocktail is better than advertised in its name.

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