Behind the Bar

Join me and a few old friends – Jim, Jack, Jameson (among many others) – for cocktails, martinis, shooters and more!

About the Sip Advisor Site

Experimentation is a large part of what we do here at Sip Advisor, both in trying to develop new drink recipes and in seeing if my body can hold out for copious amounts of drinking and blogging. I like a challenge so feel free to contact me if you would like me to come up with your own personal shot or drink mix to feature on the site! (Mrs. Sip wants me to add that the Sip Advisor makes no representations, warranties, or promises that you will love it… although I promise you that I will!)

I always enjoy feedback, new twists on old recipes, and the odd controversial comment thrown in for fun, so don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts behind in the comment section on any of the pages or the photographs (and I even promise I won’t sell or disclose your email addresses to marketers, spammers, or smurfs). Any general questions about the site and its content can be left at the bottom of this page.

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2015: Flavour Revolution

Throughout the year, we will introduce a different flavour each week and that flavour is not allowed to be repeated again, as a main ingredient, for the rest of the year. We will examine a subject to do with that flavour and also make a drink using a spirit that contains that essence!

2014: 52 Week World Showcase

As we travel around the globe, from Canada to Cuba, Egypt to Estonia, and Austria to Australia, we’ll be taking a look at some of the local liqours those regions specialize in! I`ll be introducing new features and pages, so keep coming back to see what`s developing!

2013: 365 Drink Challenge
Each day, I’ll post a new drink mix for all to enjoy, including some old classics and new favourites. All featured drinks are made, photographed, and consumed by the Sip Advisor’s own highly specialized team… me (and sometimes Mrs. Sip when she’s not too busy doing actual work). For more information on the 365 Day Drink Challange, check it out here.

About the Sip Advisor

Desk jockey by day, booze hound by night, journalist by degree and drunkard by choice, the Sip Advisor is many things to many people. I’m the self-proclaimed ‘King of Mojitos’ and until I’m challenged for my throne, I will reign over my kingdom with a wrath and brutality never seen before.

Some tips for finding Drink Recipes on Sip Advisor

All photos for 365 day drink challenge drinks with links to each recipe and blog post can be found under the 365 Days of Drinks page on the site. You can also use the search, located in the top right corner of the site, to search for drink posts with particular ingredients (i.e. vodka), categories (i.e. martini) or names (i.e.Sea Breeze)… or information on the random stuff I write about (i.e. Coco Bongo or kittens)

Some specific drink categories, such as shots, will be found in both the blog and as a shortened recipe version under its own page.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Bar

  1. In London with my daughter on a patio in 2010 sipping on a Pimms & Ginger. It was indeed the best. Got anything new to do with a 3/4 full bottle of Pimms. Seems to hang around along time in the liquor cupboard.

    • I’ve been meaning to grab a bottle of Pimm’s and do the Pimm’s Cup (ingredients you listed above). You could also try a 19th Hole: Pimms, Gin, ginger ale, lemonade, cucumber and a splash of lemon-lime soda. Saw that recipe at The Keg last summer and threw it onto my “to do” list!

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