June 10 – Funky Garlic

Let the Wine Flow

The internet is filled with wine memes; some good, some bad. This is a small collection of memes I think are worth checking out, giving folks a little chuckle with their daily dose of libation goodness:


Why can’t it be both!? Sure, wine can lead a woman down the path of awesome, but what really takes the fairer sex over the edge is the dude who gives her confidence and makes her comfortable in her own skin. Admittedly, it works both ways, but we would never credit beer with making us feel sexy and strong… drunk and disorderly fit that bill a little better!


Well, the ladies had their fun in the first photo and us fellas get our revenge here. I must say, if women love their wine so much, why would they be angry to be locked in the wine cellar? I guess the wine would eventually run out and it might be a little boring, but for the first week or so, you could have your own little one-woman party!


I’m pretty sure the exact same thing has happened to me before with Mrs. Sip! I let it slide because when she hears me say “I love you” before bed at night, I’m either talking to my cocktail nightcap or my serving of cookies and milk. Can you feel the love, little sippers!?

Sink Fixed

Damn, if I could turn one of my sinks into a wine dispenser, or better yet, a whiskey or rum version of the picture above, I’d be the happiest man in the world… and I’m basically there already, so let’s push me over the edge. I’m asking all my handyman friends out there to make my dream come true… I’ll even consider it an early birthday present!


This is a great idea and we might be onto something for the wino/vagrant community. Personally, I think tequila bottles would benefit most from this sort of marketing because you can get a little loco when pursuing the worm!

Drink #161: Funky Garlic

Funky Garlic Wine Cocktail

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3 Sips out of 5):
I really don’t get the name of this drink. That said, it tastes decent, but the Wine is largely buried. The Cola is quite prominent in the recipe, perhaps a little overwhelming. Combining Wine with conventional mixers like Cola and Lemon-Lime Soda makes for an interesting concoction, but it falls a little short in the taste department.

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