September 2 – Coffee and Donuts

Dirty Jobs

As we celebrate Labour Day and the average worker out there, I’m just happy to have the day off and not be anywhere near the realm of work (though living it up at the Bellagio in Vegas sure helps). That said, my job ain’t all that bad. On the flipside, here are some vocations that take some special people to get done:

Waste Collector

Affectionately known as a garbage man (or sanitation engineer if you’re being all PC about it), I have the utmost respect for these hardworking folk, Cousin Sip being one of them. I even tagged along with him on a couple occasions while in high school. The job is extremely physical and not without its dangers. Still, it is pretty cool to be riding on the back of one of these behemoth machines and throwing different smash-able items into the compactor.

garbage man-oscar

Fast-Food Server

While I think it is prudent for every person out there to work one crappy job in their lifetime (mine was as a grocery store deli clerk for four years), so they respect every other position they have in the future, I thankfully never had to work at a fast food joint. The minimal pay and sometimes abusive working conditions just don’t seem worth it, but it can provide employees with a great skill set to use in their future.

Gas Station Attendant

Ah, where Mrs. Sip earned her crappy job cred, making minimum wage and having to deal with people trying to buy smokes without I.D. and people raging at the gas prices. Not to mention the ever-present threat of theft and armed robbery. Most stations now make you pay before you pump to cut down on gas and dash incidents. There have been some that ended tragically with usually young employees trying to stop an occurrence and being killed by the vehicle over a god damn fill-up.


Most people would more than hesitate as soon as they heard they had to get up so early in the morning and spend their day dealing with backbreaking labour and uncooperative animals/machinery. These dedicated folk provide us with much of the food we need, including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat. For that (and their daughters!), we thank them.


Construction Worker

This can include everything to do with construction, whether that’s building, well, buildings, road work, house repair, and everything else that could fall under that umbrella. Pa Sip was an iron worker for most of my childhood until his back just couldn’t do it anymore. And he’s far from alone as most leave the profession with wrecked bodies. Here’s hoping they have nice beds and couches to retreat to!

Parking Enforcement Officer

The abuse these poor folks take from people who always claim that their meter just expired or they didn’t see various signs or other warnings is totally out of proportion compared to what they get paid. Even people who aren’t being ticketed (and perhaps have never received a citation) target the noble parking violation officer with name calling and dirty looks.


Flight Attendant

We’ve all seen jerks on fligths… now imagine you had to deal with them longer than calling them dirty names under your breath. That is the life of a flight attendant. While I love travelling, I hate travel days, so I would deplore being in a constant cycle of being on the road and never getting to a destination you can enjoy. I salute you, servers of tiny liquor bottles and not enough ice!


How horrible would it be to live most of your life in the dark? Then add on top of that the danger of cave-ins, explosions, and other risks. Being a miner is also one of the dirtiest jobs out there, deep inside a dark dank cave, covered in filth. That stuff probably never completely washes out and you have to find a spouse that doesn’t mind getting a little dirty with you… but isn’t that what we’re all searching for!?

Drink #245: Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and Donuts Drink

What a perfect drink to celebrate the working Joe’s out there. What jobs do you think are the worst in existence? What is the most horrible job you ever had? Happy Labour Day, everyone!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
This is a wonderful dessert drink. I quickly falling in love with my Glazed Donut Liqueur, even if I think cocktail ideas using it will be limited. The recipe calls for a Maraschino cherry garnish, but I said eff that and went for a donut hole (TimBit) instead. I’m classy like that!


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