BC Beer Baron #99 – 33 Acres of Ocean

The Sip Advisor wrapped up his evening out at the Library Square Public House with this fantastic beverage from 33 Acres Brewing.

The 33 Acres of Ocean is an American Pale Ale, with a strong hop profile and pine scent that has it bordering on the IPA perimeter. At 5.6% ABV, the beverage was refreshing and far from heavy.

33 Acres of Ocean

Resulting in the brew’s name, many of its ingredients were harvested near the Pacific Ocean, including the three hops varieties (galena, cascade and citra) that make up the recipe. I like the company’s tagline for the drink: “Typically consumed in good company amid the Pacific and pine.”

Mrs. Sip was recently won over big time by 33 Acres, after enjoying most of their line-up and particularly their 33 Acres of Euphoria Belgian Tripel, during a recent visit to the brewery and tasting room. This beer was another reminder to me, of how good the company is.

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BC Beer Baron #94 – Steel & Oak Red Pilsner

The good times – and well-executed orders – kept rolling during the Sip Advisor’s recent visit to the Library Square Public House, when this Steel & Oak Brewing product was next in line for consumption.

The Red Pilsner covered all the bases for me, being a touch sweet and a little bit spicy, finishing with some hoppy goodness to boot. The 5% ABV, 35 IBUs brew went down real easy and provided a great drinking experience.

Steel & Oak Growlers

One of Steel & Oak’s flagships beers, this brewery keeps on producing really solid stuff. German-trained brewmaster Peter Schulz created the Red Pilsner, himself being more of a lager-style beer fan. The colour of this beer is obviously a little unique, but that’s all part of the fun.

The Red Pilsner can be found on tap at Steel & Oak’s New West tasting room, as well as other various locations. It can also be purchased in bomber-sized bottles, available in select liquor stores.

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BC Beer Baron #93 – Strange Fellows Jongleur Belgian Wit

On a recent visit to the Library Square Public House, one of the beers I enjoyed over the evening of sports viewing was this treasure from Strange Fellows Brewing.

The Jongleur Belgian Wit was incredibly tasty and refreshing, with flavours of orange and spices. The beer is light and easy drinking, at only 4.5% ABV and 12 IBUs. I know I’ve tried this beer before, but this serving of the suds was especially memorable… even if the rest of the night got pretty foggy!

Strange Fellows Jongleur

Of the brew, the company writes (in their very unique style): “Amid bursts of confetti and music, the Juggler entertains us with a handful of oranges. As the oranges rise and fall, the planets revolve in the universe, babies are born, and the old pass on. Jongleur – our silky bodied, spicy and aromatic Wit – infuses any moment with a spark of joy. A glass of this bright and refreshing beer reminds us of the juggler’s simple lesson: to take pleasure in both the big and the small things in life.”

Suggested food pairings include seafood, curries, and Thai. The beer, part of Strange Fellows ‘Foundation Series’, can be found in four-packs of 473ml cans, as well as on tap around Vancouver.

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