Beer of the Week #44 – Steel & Oak Terra Saison

At Piva Modern Italian Restaurant in New Westminster to celebrate Mrs. Sip’s work Christmas party, I selected this Steel & Oak Brewing beverage from their menu. It paired quite well with my delicious Duck & Fig Pizza.

The Terra Saison was very tasty and just what I was hoping for with my first drink of the night. The 5.8% ABV brew is made with turmeric, ginger root, white peppercorns and star anise and comes in a 500ml bottle, good for two healthy servings of suds.

Steel & Oak Terra Saison

The Terra can be found at private liquor stores around Greater Vancouver. The release was the first of Steel & Oak’s Brewers Series. Next up is the Secretariat, a guava-conditioned saison, hitting store shelves and the brewery’s tasting room in 2018.

With Piva located in Steel & Oak’s neck of the woods (where the brewery is the only one New West has to offer), it was only natural their beers would show up on the menu. I also had the Red Pilsner during dinner.

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BC Beer Baron #365 – Red Truck Red Pilsner

Upon returning from our Christmas holiday in Leavenworth, Washington, Mrs. Sip and I hosted a visiting friend and we ended up at Romer’s Burger Bar for a bite to eat. There, I ordered a pint of this Red Truck Brewing product.

The Red Pilsner is “an amber twist on the Czech Pilsner tradition.” The 5% ABV, 25 IBUs beverage is solid in taste and aroma, featuring malted wheat and black malt, which combine to give the beer its flavour, as well as its red appearance.


This beer is a favourite of Cousin Sip’s husband (despite its hop content) and is available in six-packs at BC Liquor Stores. It is also the winter seasonal feature in the company’s Craftmaster Mixer Pack, joined by an IPA, Ale, and Lager.

I wish Red Truck would incorporate a more varied mix of brews into their case, which has always stuck to more traditional recipes. That said, the brewery’s motto is “no preservatives, no pasteurization, no compromises, no bullshit.”

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BC Beer Baron #94 – Steel & Oak Red Pilsner

The good times – and well-executed orders – kept rolling during the Sip Advisor’s recent visit to the Library Square Public House, when this Steel & Oak Brewing product was next in line for consumption.

The Red Pilsner covered all the bases for me, being a touch sweet and a little bit spicy, finishing with some hoppy goodness to boot. The 5% ABV, 35 IBUs brew went down real easy and provided a great drinking experience.

Steel & Oak Growlers

One of Steel & Oak’s flagships beers, this brewery keeps on producing really solid stuff. German-trained brewmaster Peter Schulz created the Red Pilsner, himself being more of a lager-style beer fan. The colour of this beer is obviously a little unique, but that’s all part of the fun.

The Red Pilsner can be found on tap at Steel & Oak’s New West tasting room, as well as other various locations. It can also be purchased in bomber-sized bottles, available in select liquor stores.

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