Snack Time #36 – Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

While this is the season of pumpkin spice everything, the Sip Advisor is not really of fan of the taste. That said, these Pepperidge Farm cookies, which Ma Sip recently picked up for Mrs. Sip and I, are pretty darn good.

The Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies are soft and full of flavour. The pumpkin is nicely balanced and enhanced by the cheesecake. While only available seasonally, this limited edition release should be tracked down by all cookie aficionados.

Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies.jpg

Similar Dessert Shop soft baked cookies from Pepperidge Farm, include Caramel Apple Pie, S’mores, Chocolate Brownie, Key Lime Pie and the seasonal Strawberry Cheesecake and Pecan Pie. There’s a few items there I’d like to try.

Of the line, Pepperidge Farm touts the treats are “baked with ingredients to satisfy the most decadent cookie cravings.” The only downside is that each pack only comes with a handful of cookies, but they’re worth it.

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Snack Time #35 – Kalev Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates

What do you get when you combine one of the Sip Advisor’s favourite liqueurs with chocolate? A Sip Syndicate member, recently on vacation in Europe, has provided empirical evidence for us to consider from Kalev Chocolate Candies.

The Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates come from Estonia, using the country’s famous liqueur. What I like best about them is that they’re not simply dark chocolate and liqueur, but because they are creamy, they aren’t as sharp in taste as other boozy chocolate.

Kalev Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates

Kalev Chocolate Candies, also an Estonian institution, was first established back in 1806. For those unfamiliar with the liqueur used in these chocolates, it is so very good. Vana Tallinn is rum-based with flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus.

Mrs. Sip and I visited Tallinn, Estonia in 2013 and it was a highlight of our Baltic cruise. Perhaps the relaxing day, sipping beer from the city’s medieval wall and buying neat alcohols played a role in my affection for the port stop.

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Snack Time #34 – Pillsbury Pizza Pops Poutine

On a recent grocery shopping expedition, the Sip Advisor was casually strolling the store aisles when what to my wondering eyes should appear but this intriguing Pizza Pops variety. The store was closing, so I had to be quick.

Meant to recreate one of Canada’s most famous dishes and contributions to the world, the special edition Poutine release is pretty tasty. It reminded me of a beef pie, thanks to its gravy and potato filling. And who could ever turn down cheese curds.

Pillsbury Pizza Pops Poutine

The product comes with the tagline, “Not your average poutine,” and I’d agree with that, preferring the fry dish. There are also Butter Chicken Pizza Pops, with both flavours being voted on by Canadians, although I didn’t see them while shopping.

One thing that has always bothered me is why Pizza Pops and Pizza Pockets have the names they have. After all, Pizza Pops have a pocket design, while Pizza Pockets are round, which more resemble what I’d call a pop.

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Snack Time #33 – Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough

As previously mentioned, Mrs. Sip has been really into ice cream throughout her pregnancy. Given her love of cookie dough, when we came across this Ben & Jerry’s product recently, I knew we’d be bringing a pint or two home with us.

The Tonight Dough is named in honour of Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. It is constructed using caramel and chocolate ice creams, garnished with chocolate cookie swirls and balls of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie doughs. The tasty treat is quite decadent.

Ben & Jerry_s The Tonight Dough

“The Tonight Dough is chock full of the stuff people love – a double-double flavor with two ice creams, two cookie doughs and a crunchy cookie swirl,” said Eric Fredette, a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru and creator of The Tonight Dough. “It’s simply over the top!”

For his part, Fallon will donate all proceeds from The Tonight Dough to the SeriousFun Children’s Network, which helps kids with serious illnesses, as well as their families. Ice cream for charity… my kind of philanthropy!

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Snack Time #31 – Magnum Minis

One of Mrs. Sip’s few cravings during her pregnancy has been ice cream… and lots of it. Therefore, I usually keep some Magnum Ice Cream products on hand, so that I’m not waken from my sleep and sent out in the middle of the night to track them down.

Among Mrs. Sip’s favourites have been the Magnum Mini bars, allowing us to indulge in delicious sustainable cocoa and decadent vanilla ice cream, while keeping with the idea of moderation. A full-size serving may be too rich, but the Mini bars are just right.

Magnum Minis.jpg

If you do decide to treat yourself to a larger portion, other great flavours from Magnum include entries from their Doubles line, such as Double Peanut Butter, Double Caramel and Double Cookies & Cream. There’s also the simple, yet classic variety.

You’d think Mrs. Sip would lose interest in the product after my jokes about purchasing multiple boxes of Magnum’s (in reference to the similarly named condoms), but the cravings always win out. Must be why she sends me out all alone!

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Snack Time #30 – Doritos Sweet Chili Heat Tortilla Chips

While I previously only enjoyed Doritos Tortilla Chips on rare occasions (ie. whenever they were served), I have to credit this flavour as being my favourite of the line. I’m even willing to bump Cool Ranch down a peg to make that happen.

The Sweet Chili Heat variety has a wonderful mix of sweet and spicy, with a little burn on the backend that is addictive. For whatever reason, the taste reminds me of soy sauce, but I doubt this experience is shared universally. Maybe my palate is all out of whack.

Doritos Sweet Chili Heat

As Doritos describes: “Savour the sweet bold crunch and wait for the heat to kick in. The sweet and savoury spiciness of these tortilla chips will delight your taste buds, making sharing with friends and family a must at your next party, or get-together.”

I first tried these chips at a gathering for a wrestling pay-per-view and I was instantly hooked. Now I use them for nachos, providing a spicy version of the pub favourite, as well as chowing down on them on their own, with satisfying results.

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Snack Time #29 – Oreo Jelly Donut Cookies

On Ma Sip’s recent shopping excursion to the US, she found these Oreo cookies and just had to pick up a pack for Mrs. Sip and I. Released on National Doughnut Day, the treat can be found exclusively at Walmart locations.

The cookies really do taste like jelly donuts, combining two great desserts into one. They are comprised of Golden Oreo cookies sandwiching custard cream with a raspberry cream center. They do work best with Golden Oreos, although I’d be curious to try a Chocolate Oreo version.

Oreo Jelly Donut Cookies

I really respect Oreo for experimenting with different flavours as much as they do. Other current (I believe) Oreo flavours I’d like to try, include Cookie Dough and Cinnamon Bun. Now, it’s just a matter of tracking down the packages, likely across the border.

Sadly, I missed out on such limited edition releases as Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, S’mores, Brownie Batter, and Root Beer Float. Now that’s playing around with a tried and true recipe!

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