Snack Time #46 – Cheetos Snowflakes

When I first learned of this holiday edition treat from the fine folks at Cheetos, I thought they would be great to profile for the Christmas season. Well, I finally got around to picking up a bag and trying the puffed cornmeal snack.

The Snowflakes are made with white cheddar and come in four different shapes. They are very tasty and fun to munch on. Online reviews seem to be very favourable for the product, with some hoping they will become a permanent addition to the Cheetos line.

Cheetos Snowflakes.jpg

That said, the snack is only available for a limited time, so if you want to give the Snowflakes a try, you should get your paws on them ASAP. A similar style of product was used for Cheetos Bag of Bones at Halloween, so other seasonal items could be coming.

My favourite Cheetos are the Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno variety, which are very good with a nice burn. I’m curious about the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot product, but think that sticking with what I know is probably a good idea.

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