Snack Time #21 – Ritter Sport Cocoa Creme

When Cousin Sip joined Mrs. Sip and I for our weekly dinner, she supplied dessert in the form of a trio of new Ritter Sport releases. I will focus on one of those treats.

The Cocoa Creme variation was my favourite of the bunch. It seems Ritter Sport knows what they have on their hands, asking: “Better than ice cream? Yes: cocoa creme!”

Ritter Sport Cocoa Creme.png

Made with crispy chocolate flakes and creamy filling, Ritter Sport go on to say the Cocoa Creme product “makes everyone twice as happy!” The limited edition bar is only available for a short time.

The other varieties Cousin Sip brought over were the Honig & Crisp (honey with crispy flakes) and Johannisbeer Streusel (red currant yogurt and crumble).

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Snack Time #20 – Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix

Ma Sip found this Imperial Nuts snack mix in recent times and I can’t help but grab a handful or two every time I’m over for a visit. After all, the Sip Advisor is a massive trail mix fan.

The Sweet & Savory Bar Mix is very good… delicious even. Featuring Honey Roasted Peanuts, Pretzels, Smoked Almonds, Toffee Peanuts and Spicy Peanuts, what more could you ask for?

Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix

The 1.28kg tub will keep you and your guests well fed for hours. As the canister advertises: “Plenty to share” and “Great for snacking”. I couldn’t have put things better myself.

While the mix is available at a number of different outlets, for Canadians, Ma Sip located the product at the Real Canadian Superstore chain. And I’m so very glad she did!

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Snack Time #19 – Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs Gift Box

Mrs. Sip and I were recently gifted this Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs Gift Box. The 64-piece set includes bottles from Sauza Tequila, Jim Beam Bourbon, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Canadian Club Whiskey, Galliano Vanilla Liqueur, Danzka Vodka, Borghetti Caffe Liqueur, and Remy Martin Cognac.

Despite not being a big dark chocolate fan, I do like these in small doses at one or two at a time. My favourites of the bunch seem to be the liqueur-flavoured options, while there aren’t any I dislike.

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs Gift Box

The collection is sold in many different formats, so the treats can be sampled at varying price points. I know Walmart (at least in Canada) often sells a set around Christmas that is reasonably priced and I believe contains 16 pieces.

Anthon Berg also has a Chocolate Cocktails line, which I’d be interested in trying. Drinks include the Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Mojito, and Strawberry Daiquiri.

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Snack Time #18 – Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peel Watermelon

What do you get when you combine two of the Sip Advisor’s favourite things into one nice, neat package? A very happy Sip Advisor! Thankfully, we found this Twizzlers product at the Hershey World store inside the New York New York resort in Las Vegas.

The Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peel Watermelon release instantly caught my eye and knowing what a fiend I am for the fruit, Mrs. Sip promptly added them to our growing basket. I’m curious about some of the other flavours we came across in the store, such as Chocolate, Fruit Punch and their Filled Twists line.

Twizzlers Pull ‘N_ Peel Watermelon

Let me be clear, the Sip Advisor is a bigtime Twizzlers fan. No Red Vines for this guy and I just can’t comprehend someone liking the competition. Can anyone try to provide me with an argument for why Red Vines should even share shelf space with the amazing Twizzlers?

I’m not sure how easy it is to find this product elsewhere, but we did spot them at one of the pharmacy stores that line the Las Vegas Strip. We will also be gifting a pack of Key Lime Twizzlers to Ma Sip for Mother’s Day, proving again how great a son I am!

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Snack Time #17 – Lays Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Chips

While Mrs. Sip and I were recently in Las Vegas, the Sip Advisor treated himself to a bag of these Lays Potato Chips. I was in the store for a beer and figured the chips would be a wonderful accompaniment to my beverage.

The name of the chips, Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue, is perfect because there’s equal parts sweet and heat. There’s a little more burn to these crisps than some might want or be ready for, but I thoroughly enjoyed the competing tastes.

Lays Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Chips.png

Lays may not be my favourite brand of potato chips (I’m a ripple man, after all), but they do rank within my top five, thanks in part to their willingness to experiment. I would place this variation among my favourite all time from the company.

Sadly, I don’t think these chips are available in Canada, which means I’ll have to be on lookout for them next time we hop across the border. While there, I’ll hopefully also be able to grab a bag of their Honey Barbecue, as well.

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Snack Time #16 – M&M’s Strawberry Nut

M&Ms are very good at routinely releasing different limited edition flavours and for the most part they pass the taste test. Mrs. Sip spotted this variation while we were recently in Las Vegas and I’m so glad she did.

The Strawberry Nut variety is delicious. The key is that the strawberry flavour is kept light and then you have the usual peanut and chocolate enjoyment that is typical from M&M’s Peanut products. The strawberry adds a touch of decadence.

M&M's Strawberry Nut.jpg

Coming in red, pink and green candy-coated shells, it’s taken great willpower for me to ration the little treats. I don’t know whether they’re available outside the US and how long they will remain on store shelves before disappearing.

This isn’t M&M’s first foray into strawberry fields (forever), as the company has also released Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberried Peanut Butter and plain ol’ Strawberry recipes. Keep em’ coming, guys!

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Snack Time #15 – Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips

Always willing to try odd potato chips flavours (despite my experience in the UK with Walker’s Lamb & Mint crisps!), Ma Sip recently picked up a bag of this very uniquely-flavoured product, which I just had to indulge in.

The Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips were very tasty, with a solid crunch. I was amazed that these chips actually tasted like ham and you could tell they weren’t bacon flavoured. The experience left me wondering why it took so long for a company to go the ham route.

Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips

For those unfamiliar with Iberia and its association with ham, you can look to countries such as Spain and Portugal, which comprise the majority of the Iberian Peninsula. Add in Andorra, Gibraltar and a small parcel of France for Europe’s second largest peninsula.

Snackgold also offers a Black Truffle flavour of gourmet chips. I’ve seen both varieties at Winners stores, although the line is also available online and can likely be tracked down at various import shops, if you’re lucky.

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