BC Beer Baron #99 – 33 Acres of Ocean

The Sip Advisor wrapped up his evening out at the Library Square Public House with this fantastic beverage from 33 Acres Brewing.

The 33 Acres of Ocean is an American Pale Ale, with a strong hop profile and pine scent that has it bordering on the IPA perimeter. At 5.6% ABV, the beverage was refreshing and far from heavy.

33 Acres of Ocean

Resulting in the brew’s name, many of its ingredients were harvested near the Pacific Ocean, including the three hops varieties (galena, cascade and citra) that make up the recipe. I like the company’s tagline for the drink: “Typically consumed in good company amid the Pacific and pine.”

Mrs. Sip was recently won over big time by 33 Acres, after enjoying most of their line-up and particularly their 33 Acres of Euphoria Belgian Tripel, during a recent visit to the brewery and tasting room. This beer was another reminder to me, of how good the company is.

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