Flavour Revolution – Blueberry

Where is my Mind?

Blueberries are said to help greatly in maintaining cognitive functioning and fighting off memory loss – so long as you enjoy a serving of them once per week – as the berries clear toxins that gather in the brain. Clearly, the entertainment industry is unaware of these developments because it is rife with stories of amnesiacs. Here are some of the most notable memory loss cases:

Jason Bourne – The Bourne Franchise

If a case of amnesia resulted in the Sip Advisor being able to instinctively fight secret agent style and have a highly-functioning mind, I’d say it would all be worth it… I know Mrs. Sip would appreciate the change in brain activity! Jason Bourne awakens one day and can’t remember who he is, but he can certainly kick ass and that keeps him alive through three (soon to be four) films.

short term memory loss

Leonard – Memento

Although suffering from short-term memory loss, Leonard is still working to solve the murder of his wife. To remember the clues he’s put together, Leonard uses Polaroid photos and self-inflicted tattoos as reminders. I should do the same on binge nights! This psychological crime thriller is told in reverse order, which only adds to the building mystery.

Wolverine – X-Men Franchise

Following the procedure which gave him his trademark adamantium bone structure, Logan struggles to remember his past (in the origins movie, an adamantium bullet to the noggin also helps) and it takes the mind reading power of Professor X to make any headway into the mutant’s psyche. We all have events we’d like to block from our memory, but I’d rather have a mix of good and bad than none at all.

Lucy Whitmore – 50 First Dates

Can you imagine having to remind your partner each and every day about your shared past together? Thankfully, Mrs. Sip only has to do this for me after a hard drinking night. In this case, perhaps it was working with Adam Sandler again that drove Drew Barrymore to memory loss. Anyhoo, Lucy is helped along by Sandler’s Henry to break the pattern and live a happily ever after, each new day.

memory loss favourite movie

Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This one is a little different, in that main characters Joel and Clementine choose to wipe their minds clear of any memories to do with each other after their relationship goes awry. Regardless of this, they wind up together again, as if their love was always meant to be. Jim Carrey must be the king of playing amnesiacs, having also tackled the role in The Majestic and The Number 23.

Dory – Finding Nemo

Played for comedic effect, Dory is one of the many characters father Marlin comes across in his search for his son Nemo. Dory proved to be such a popular character that the pacific regal blue tang (thanks to Wikipedia for that!) will be getting her own movie, Finding Dory, due out in 2016. Ironically, the movie will be centered on Dory getting her memories back, leading to another adventure.

amnesia joke

The Wolfpack – The Hangover

The one thing worse than one person not being able to remember what happened before, is three friends blanking out on the previous night’s activities. Thanks to being slipped roofies, the Wolfpack can’t figure out what trouble they got up to and worst of all, their buddy Doug is missing and his wedding day is coming up quickly.

Douglas Quaid – Total Recall

Mrs. Sip and I love to travel, but I’m not sure we’d be into futuristic travel methods which include having images placed in your mind, while you sit in a chair. Of course, an innocent visual journey to the planet Mars, helps Quaid realize that he’s actually a secret agent operative, with crazy fighting skills. Quaid (aka Carl Hauser) now has to go to the real Mars, to figure out why his memory was wiped.

Flavour Revolution: Lucifer’s Tears

  • 1.5 oz Gin
  • 0.5 oz Blueberry Liqueur
  • 0.25 oz Galliano
  • 0.25 oz Sambuca
  • Garnish with Blueberries

Soap Operas are also a prime breeding ground for cases of amnesia, either occurring after a death, or leading to a murder most foul!

November 29 – Three’s Company

Three of a Kind

With Horrible Bosses 2 arriving in theatres, I thought it was the perfect time to look back on some of my favourite comedic trios. They say that three is a crowd, but in these cases, it couldn’t be more comfortable:

#5: Nick, Dale & Kurt – Horrible Bosses

I really enjoyed this movie, which sees a trio of friends decide to kill their respective bosses. Of course, things don’t go as planned and they become embroiled in a web of infidelity, break and enter, and homicide. The sequel sees the cast reunite with Nick, Dale and Kurt starting their own business and having to take drastic measures when competition comes along, trying to crush their operation. Best of all, Jennifer Aniston is back for another spin as the nympho dentist!


#4: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Made up of Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad, these three food items started life as crime fighters, but evolved into lazy degenerates. I’m particularly fond of Master Shake and Meatwad, who are complete polar opposites. Master Shake is always looking to con his way into money and babes, while Meatwad is a sweet and caring lad. The do share a low level of intelligence, but that makes things all the more interesting. One thing is for sure, I would hate to be their neighbour Carl.

#3: Yakko, Wakko & Dot – Animaniacs

This madcap trio of hellraisers were shut away in the Warner Bros. studio lot vault for decades and upon being released, unleashed their manic brand of humour on the world… whether the world was ready for it or not. Interestingly, the Warner siblings were intended to be ducks, but were changed to dog-like beings in early production. The Warner’s stuck around for 99 episodes of chaotic fun, before disappearing back into their water tower home and leaving the world at peace.

Animaniacs Trio

#2: Phil, Stu & Alan – The Hangover

Played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, respectively, this movie franchise shows just what can happen when you have a crazy night out in Las Vegas, Bangkok, and just about anywhere in the world. I always felt bad for Doug that he never gets to be part of the adventure. In each of the three movies, he’s pushed to the sidelines… once, quite literally! In the end, these three guys, who were acquaintances before the franchise, became legit friends thanks to the whole experience.

#1: The Three Stooges

Comedy just wouldn’t be the same without Larry, Curly, and Moe. Sure, the recent reboot of this franchise might not be great, but the original troupe were legends and have been ripped off and spoofed for decades. The Three Stooges began their iconic career in 1925 as a vaudeville act, before moving onto feature films. Since appearing on TV for the first time in 1958, their shorts have remained a staple of the airwaves to this day, and will make audiences laugh for years to come.

Super Saturday Shot Day: Three’s Company

Three's Company Shot

  • 0.5 oz Cognac
  • 0.5 oz Grand Marnier
  • 0.5 oz Kahlua
  • Garnish with an Orange Slice

Myself and Mrs. Sip make up our own triple threat, using an interchangeable member that simply hangs on to the awesomeness of our coattails. Honourable mentions go to Alvin and The Chipmunks; Huey, Dewey, and Louie; the Workaholics; and many more. In researching this article, I had to be very careful not to use the search term “best threesomes”… but I used it anyway!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3 Sips out of 5):
This shot tasted pretty good, largely thanks to the Grand Marnier’s delicious orange flavour. I’ll even throw some credit towards the Kahlua. The score was lowered because of the strong taste, something the decent flavours couldn’t make up for.

April 3 – Leaving Las Vegas

Strip Cinema

The title of today’s post may be misleading… we’ll actually be discussing some of the many great movies filmed in Las Vegas. So, if you readers want a taste of what Mrs. Sip and I enjoyed last weekend, why not try one of these movies (or today’s cocktail!). Note: While some films can feature a quick jaunt to Vegas, I’ve chosen to concentrate on the ones that are largely based in Sin City.

The Hangover (2009)

The surprise hit (although anyone could have told you this movie was going to be gold, just by the premise) highlighted everything a trip to Vegas has to offer: wild nights out, poor marital choices, getting knocked the eff out by Mike Tyson… you know, all the usual stuff. I’m willing to bet that people go to Vegas now and try to recreate the experience of Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug (poor guy never gets to be part of the fun, though). While I’m all for tripping the light fantastic on the strip, I hope anybody who tries to recreate the debauchery gets eaten by the MGM lions.


Ocean’s 11 (Original (1960) and Remake (2001))

I’m quite fond of both versions of this movie. The first features the Rat Pack (Frankie, Dean-O, Sammy, and the rest of the crew), while the remake sees George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and too many others to list light up the screen for a fun romp of a heist movie. The ending in each movie is different, which makes watching both totally worth it, and because of the gap between film releases (none of this 10 years later reboot crap), technology had changed so much that the movies have vastly different schemes.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Nicholas Cage won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ben, a longtime alcoholic looking to end his life in one last epic binge. Along the way, he meets prostitute Sera and they form a relationship of sorts, as Ben drinks himself to death and Sera tries to make her life better. You gotta admire Ben’s drive and passion for the bottle. He shows all us boozehounds how to go out honourably.

Vegas Vacation (1997)

Clark Griswold and family are back at it, this time tackling Sin City. One of the highlights of the movie is underage Rusty, who ends up becoming a high roller thanks to a hilarious fake I.D. His lucky streak, as Nick Papagiorgio, saves the family from ruin, as only Chevy Chase can cause. Cousin Eddie is also back in this romp and I wish the casino he takes Clark to actually existed. Rock, Paper, Scissors… Pick-A-Number… I might actually have a chance at these games!

Vegas Vacation

Showgirls (1995)

Let’s be honest… this cinematic gem is pretty awful, but you knew fans would flock to any movie that featured a Saved by the Bell actress in the buff. I personally would have preferred it to star Tiffany Amber Thiessen, but whatevs. Sometimes you just have to make peace with the breasts you are given.

Drink #93: Leaving Las Vegas

April 3

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Rum
  • 1 oz Gin
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • Splash of Lemonade
  • Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Garnish with Lemon Wedge and Strawberry Slice

I used our coloured ice-cubes for a bit of extra something (since it is supposed to be a Vegas themed drink after all). This drink looks awfully familiar to a Long Island Iced Tea, just minus the cola and with lemonade and lemon-lime soda in its place. I personally love this family of drinks because they are so highly booze-fueled. The Beverly Hills Iced Tea will also be featured on this site in the future!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
I love using the pink and white ice cubes. I think they add another layer to a clear cocktail like this. This is basically similar to a Long Island Iced Tea with a few altered ingredients. I love LIIT’s, so this one went down just as easy as all the others!