October 27 – Dracula’s Kiss

Long and Winding Road

Well, my little sippers, here we sit, at the precipice to 300 drinks. It is a time of remembrance, of celebration, of extreme joy! I’m so happy to share these moments with you. Let’s do a quick group hug and get on with the awards!

Most Difficult Drink

I’m not sure all you little sippers know how hard I work in my pursuit of perfection for this site. And that’s not to say you should know, or even care. All I’m stating is that the effort I put into this site rivals and often surpasses my quality of work at my real job. I love you folks that much!

Nominees: Wicked Witch of the East (tracking down of garnish and layering issues); Roasted Mellow (had to hollow out marshmallow, which couldn’t always hold the liquor long enough); Jell-O Shot (they were fun to make once I had a process down, but took a fair bit of time)

Winner: Wicked Witch of the East – First, I delayed this drink multiple times because I couldn’t track down a suitable broomstick garnish to be used as a stir stick. Then, I went ahead and made one myself and I am not an arts and crafts buff. We’re not even getting into how the layering effect didn’t work because the broomstick was frustrating enough!

Oct 17

Best Site Searches

It will be hard to top the last two victors: “how do I get a blow job at new york new york las vegas” and “how to use trollop in a sentence”, but I’m sure there are some game applicants out there. Sometimes I’m baffled that certain searches have led readers to this site… like these gems!

Nominees: puppies farting green air; is adrenalin responsible for making a body fly in the air when electrocuted; jimmy snuka porno; sensual woman stripper in ms santa claus costume; how to complain about a sip advisor

Winner: “how to complain about a sip advisor” – What have I done to offend this little sipper? Is there a process for complaining about me? Which board would complaints about my work (few as they may be) be delivered to? So many unanswered questions, but you can bet this member of Sip Nation will have their membership revoked.

Best Garnish

The garnish game is something I enjoy, but also find vexing at times. When I don’t have the ingredients I want/need or they aren’t behaving how I’d like them to, it can be tough. Somehow, we get the job done, night in and night out. I hope you all appreciate the results.

Nominees: Skittles, Toasted Marshmallow, Fish Candies

Winner: Fish Candies (used on Water of Life) – Thanks to Ma Sip for letting me borrow some of the fish candies she always has out for guests during the summer pool months. The trick to getting them to cooperate with this drink was to alternate between layers of ice and then a couple fish, so as to make it look like the candies were swimming.

Aug 4

Top Shot

I love our Super Saturday Shot Day page; a place where I can assemble the best shooters from around the world. Check it out sometime for some recipes that will turn your drinking night upside down!

Nominees: Kinky TeaseRainbow Cookie, Bazooka Joe

Winner: Kinky Tease – I mean, come on, of course I’m going to give the nod to a shot I invented myself! I did what any good barkeep would, put together two liqueurs (Kinky and Pomegranate) that taste good on their own and figured they’d be even better united. Mission accomplished!

Best Photo

I’ve taken over the reins of photo taking and editing at the Sip Advisor headquarters, pushing Mrs. Sip out of her positions with the company. While we thank Mrs. Sip for her service in those areas, there were simply other positions I preferred to put her in… if you catch my drift! Check out our Drink Menu for complete photo listings!

Nominees: Drunk Monkey, Happy Birthday-Tini, Campfire Martini

Winner: Happy Birthday-Tini – There wasn’t a clear-cut favourite this time around, as there had been for our 200th drink awards. That said, I love how the sprinkles highlighted this delicious drink. The whole package really made my birthday cocktail a perfect celebratory piece!

Sept 22

Best Drink

As usual, we finish the evening with our top award, Best Drink. Previous winners have included the PAMA-Jama and Raspberry Mojito. Like the Oscars, we have expanded our nominees for this award so they can all claim that they were Sippy-nominated!

Nominees: Happy Birthday-Tini, Village Idiot, Wonderful Night, Old Fashioned, Undercover Squirrel

Winner: Wonderful Night – I had to go with this cocktail because of how all the ingredients (there’s six of them) came together to surprise the pallet with notes of everything from peppermint to vanilla to citrus. Each sip was a new adventure!

Drink #300: Dracula’s Kiss

Dracula's Kiss Martini

  • Rim glass with Grenadine
  • 1.5 oz Cherry Vodka (I used Grey Goose Cherry Noir)
  • Top with Cola
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Garnish with Garlic Clove

This may very well be the last awards ceremony of this project, but fear not, my little sippers, I have big plans in store for 2014 and beyond!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3.5 Sips out of 5):
I’ve wanted to try the Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka with Cola for some time and this was finally my chance. They work pretty well together. I thought the Garlic garnish was a clever little touch! My only disappointment with the drink was how the Grenadine Rim looked good in actuality, but didn’t really translate to photo form.

September 14 – Rainbow Cookie

Milk & Cookies

I am a recovering cookie monster. I still love to stuff my face full of these delicious treats, but as I move towards a healthier lifestyle and hope my body continues to hold up (I am nearing my dirty 30), I’ve drastically decreased my treat intake. That said, it’s nice to reminisce about my favourite confectionary goodies!

Cookie Cat

Minnie’s Bake Shop Cookies

No trip to the Disney parks is complete without stocking up on these delicious cookies. Mrs. Sip and I share one nearly every day we’re in the park and have been known to buy a bag full of them when we know we won’t be back for some time. If we’re ever asked by a friend or family member if they can get anything for us while they’re on a Disney vacation, we instantly answer: “COOKIES!” Our favourite is the White Chocolate Chip variety, but all of the options are top notch.

Ma Sip’s Cookies

I was raised on wonderful chocolate chip cookies and as I grew older, Ma Sip’s array of baked good treasures only expanded. I’ve enjoyed cookies with peanut butter, caramel chunks, shortbread (a Christmas tradition that’s good to celebrate all year round), and many others. Outside the realm of cookies, Ma Sip has a reputation for making other scrumptious desserts like Black Magic Cupcakes, Seven-Layer Bars, and even Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Cookie Trust Issues

Tim Tams

This wicked treat, which Mrs. Sip and I first experienced in Australia, comes in a ton of styles, with my favourites being the caramel and strawberry brands. Only a couple flavours have made their way to Canada, which leaves us longing for the selection found down under. You can even do a Tim Tam Slam, which involves drinking a warm beverage like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate through the cookie as if it were a straw.


Oreos are so classic that they just had to make my list. I like that the company is always experimenting with new limited release flavours… and there have been some doozies!: Candy Corn, Gingerbread, Cool Mint, Strawberry Milkshake, and too many others to name. I remember when eating Oreos as a youngster that it was always fun to go straight for the cream and finished the cookies separately. Playing with my food has always been a favourite pastime.

Oreo Stack

Girl Guide Cookies

I’m not a huge fan of the thin mint cookies the Girl Guides (Scouts in the U.S.) mistakenly peddle, but if you bring around a box of the classic vanilla and chocolate crème Girl Guide cookies, you just might see that box disappear quickly. I like alternating between the chocolate and vanilla or for extreme thrills, combining the two into one epic cookie sandwich! Money spent on the cookies goes towards supporting the Girl Guides program (from which Mrs. Sip was once a member), so I’m down with that, too.

Cookies &

These were awesome cookie bars that mixed a cookie crunch with popular chocolate bars. I remember there being Twix, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, and M&M varieties. Sadly, the products have been discontinued, which is a real shame, because I would love to go back and revisit the snacks. This was another item that could only be found in the United States, leaving us Canadian fans in a lurch. It was also distributed in the U.K. as Biscuits &.



There’s just something about having a slab of milk (or dark) chocolate on top of a biscuit that is so delicious. My money is on the biscuit part, but others tell me I’m crazy and it’s the chocolate. While the name and images on the cookie can get a little creepy and perhaps these are the preferred cookie snack of pedophiles around the world, once you get your mind past that issue, all that’s left is treat enjoyment.

Rainbow Chips Ahoy

The cookie that inspired this shot is a wonderful entry, which is best enjoyed with a quick dunk into a cold glass of milk and then gobbled down with complete disregard to etiquette, cleanliness, and the genocide of cookies everywhere. I enjoy most of the Chips Ahoy products, particularly their Chewy and Chunky varietals. Is it just me, or do all the tastiest words start with ‘Ch’!? Chewy, Chunky, Chocolate, Chips, Cheese… oh, just went and ruined my own theory!

Drink #257: Rainbow Cookie

Rainbow Cookie Shooter

  • 0.5 oz Amaretto
  • 0.5 oz Chambord
  • 0.5 oz Crème de Cacao
  • Serve with a Cookie Accompaniment

How have I grossly injustice you by not including your favourite cookie treat? Come on, suckas, give me hell… and in return, I’ll tell you exactly why your precious, beloved snack just didn’t make the cut!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3.5 Sips out of 5):
I was curious as to how the shooter would hold up to the cookie of the same name. This shooter gave me a good excuse to crack open our new bottle of Chambord, which provided the primary taste for the shot. The Crème de Cacao and Amaretto offer hints of flavour in the finish, but the Chambord is really what you notice. The cookie chaser was a nice touch, of course!