BC Beer Baron #301 – Red Collar Doppelbock

The 2016 BC Beer Awards may go down as the event where I discovered a true love for this style of beer. That was thanks in large part to a serving of this beverage from Red Collar Brewing.

The Doppelbock is clean and crisp, featuring roasted malts and a balanced amount of hops. At 7.7% and 32 IBUs, this may be the booziest lager the Sip Advisor has come across… and I loved it.


A fall/winter seasonal release, the Dopplebock is available in bomber-sized bottles at private liquor stores. I’m willing to bet the drink will be perfect for Christmas gatherings.

It’s been many years since I was last in Kamloops, but I would love to do a swing through the region and hop around to the various breweries that have launched in the area. Now I just need the time off!

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BC Beer Baron #189 – Red Collar Belgian Witbier

On one of our liquor store sprees, while we recently vacationed in Kelowna, BC, a member of the Sip Syndicate grabbed a bomber of this Red Collar Brewing offering and was kind enough to split it with the Sip Advisor.

The Belgian Witbier combines Seville oranges and coriander for a spicy and citrusy experience. The 6% ABV, 14 IBUs beer made for a great breakfast beverage, enjoyed with eggs and maple bacon on top of a toaster waffle. Who needs orange juice, am I right!?

Red Collar Belgian Witbier

A seasonal release, it is available in 650ml bomber-sized bottles from BC Liquor Stores, as well as other private retailers. I’m a fan of hitting stores outside of the Lower Mainland, whenever possible, as you can sometimes find items that are more regionalized.

This was only my second sampling of Red Collar’s work. Mrs. Sip and I hope to do more exploring of BC’s burgeoning craft beer scene in the coming months, including stops in Kamloops and other parts of the province.

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BC Beer Baron #130 – Red Collar Tripel

The Sip Advisor is working hard to be all-inclusive and try to incorporate as many BC breweries into this 366-day project as possible. With that in mind, on a recent visit to Legacy Liquor Store, I was looking to highlight another first timer and Mrs. Sip’s selection of this Red Collar Brewing product satisfied that.

The Tripel (of the Belgian variety, of course) is a ‘Special Edition’ release and comes in at 9% ABV and only 12 IBUs. Therefore, it has all those characteristics Belgian Tripel lovers (Mrs. Sip included) expect from their beers, such as the scent and taste of bananas and spice.

Red Collar Tripel

I like Red Collar’s warning with this beer: “It is deceivingly smooth and should be consumed with care and respect as the alcohol content can sneak up on you.” That’s pretty good advice no matter what you’re drinking!

The rest of Red Collar’s line-up is highlighted by many Belgian and German-inspired brews, such as a Dubbel, Marzen, Doppelbock, Dunkelweizen, Patersbier, Witbier, and Hefeweizen. I hope to stop by when Mrs. Sip and I are in the Okanagan region this summer.

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