September 13 – Drunk Monkey

Shows for the Sloshed

Let me set the picture: you’ve returned to your humble abode after a night out on the town and you’re looking for some viewing entertainment to go along with your nightcap. What do you choose to watch? Here’s what the Sip Advisor has on deck to satiate the inebriated mind!

Mr. T’s World’s Craziest Fools

This show hits on everything I want while under the influence: people doing stupid stuff and getting hurt (one of my favourite things to see in the history of the world), good writing that will leave you laughing your ass off, and lines delivered by the esteemed Mr. T. While the whole genre of amateur footage is one I’ve always appreciated, there’s just something about Mr. T ripping into all these “foos” that is so refreshing.

Mr. T


In a similar vein to Mr. T’s show, comedian Daniel Tosh lampoons everything going on the wild, wild web, from YouTube videos to internet celebrities and everything in between. Tosh also gets his audience involved in the program with interactive jokes through Twitter, Skype and other social media enterprises. Tosh will not hesitate to rip any subject to shreds, or even reenact it himself, and fans love him for it.

Man vs. Food

Host Adam Richman is a total delight, as he tours the United States, trying food challenges and showcasing restaurants famous for their amazing meals. The one caveat with watching a show like this while drunk is that you have to have some great foods to feast on or else you’ll just get jealous and moody. Before you know it, you’ll be staggering your way to a local eatery in search of pulled pork and poutine and you won’t rest until your shirt is stained with gravy and barbecue sauce!

Man vs. Food

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

When you’ve downed a bunch of drinks, your attention span may be depleted. That’s what makes these 15-minute episodes (only about 10 minutes if the commercials are cut) so attractive. The characters (I guess that’s what you’d call an anthropomorphized hamburger meat, soft drink cup, and fry carton) are quickly loveable and the jokes are funny. The episodes can be a little crazy with pace, but it’s worth the ride time and again.


I’ve only just started watching this series, but I have no doubt that it will provide drunken evening entertainment for some time to come. The humour is raunchy and a little dark and there’s just something about a dude dressed in a dog suit smoking from a bong, drinking beer, and humping attractive women that I find so endearing. Australian Jason Gann plays Wilfred, who’s as naughty as a puppy can come!



Sterling Archer is a top-notch secret agent, despite his battles with alcohol and being a total ass. When Mrs. Sip and I got into this series, we watched all four seasons in the span of a few weeks, myself being plastered most nights (making wicked awesome drinks for all you little sippers) and Mrs. Sip joining me on many occasions. You start watching the show for Archer himself, but soon find yourself appreciating each character for what they bring to the show.

South Park

What could be better than a group of potty-mouthed youngsters taking shots at everything and anything? Nothing is off limits to creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I’d have to give Eric Cartman the nod as my favourite character, preferring to see him when he’s trying to start a new business venture to capitalize on some current trend, but I also enjoy a number of the secondary characters, with Randy Marsh topping that list.

Drink #256: Drunk Monkey

Drunk Monkey Drink Recipe

  • 1 oz Banana Liqueur (I used Bols)
  • 1 oz Melon Liqueur
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • Top with half Cranberry Juice and half Pineapple Juice
  • Garnish with a Banana Slice

This list also works for people that are high. Really, any show is pretty good when you’re feeling a little fuzzy. I like to learn – or try to learn – when I’m tanked and will watch anything on the Discovery Channel or other educational networks… provided there isn’t a better adult cartoon on at the same time!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
I took my photos before mixing the drink because the layering looked cool. All the ingredients shine at some point during each taste, but Mrs. Sip affectionately called it ‘banana in a cup’! There is also a Drunk Monkey Shooter I’d like to try that mixes Banana Liqueur with Sambuca, which will surely be an interesting blend.

June 6 – Flaming Larynx

Unreal Tournament

Reality TV dominates the airwaves. It’s a sad, but true fact. Even channels that were meant for a better purpose have given up on higher ideals and resorted to cheaper and far less educational programming. A&E (Arts and Entertainment) is crowded with shows about storage unit auctions and shipping wars. TLC (The Learning Channel) seems to think they’ll educate the country with series’ like Sister Wives, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and 19 Kids and Counting. Even my blessed Discovery Channel is now stocked full of reality fare. You have American Pickers, American Hoggers, American Chopper, American Hot Rod, American Restoration… is there anything American that we haven’t covered yet? How about American Transvestites? You know that some channel out there is now working on a pilot episode. Anyway, here are some reality shows I wish really didn’t exist:


Then we’re all screwed, Keanu…

16 and Pregnant

I still can’t tell if the producers are trying to glorify teenage pregnancy or caution the youth of today to be safe and not have kids at such a young age. Sure, we see the young moms struggle through their nine-month term, often being ostracized by their friends and spurned by their baby daddy, but the style in which they present these stories, often trying to put a flowery and positive spin on things with animations seems to not be getting the proper message across. Plus, what you’re really saying is go ahead and get pregnant at 16 and you’ll be a one-off TV star. Way to peak before adulthood.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

The reason I don’t watch Mad Men is because I feel none of the characters have any redeeming qualities and I can’t root for any of them. This pile of trash is largely the same. I suppose you can watch it (like most of reality TV) to see how much of a train wreck these people’s lives are and feel better about where you are in life, but surely you could get the same feeling watching the six o’clock news broadcast. Anyway, the Toddlers in Tiara’s spinoff star and her family run around the various pageants that make up this sick circuit and need subtitles for any dialogue they spew. Sickeningly, the family gets paid a reported $50,000 per episode and Honey Boo Boo’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. That will buy a lot of Go Go Juice – the title character’s mixture of Mountain Dew and Red Bull.


Big Brother

Have you ever tried to sit down and watch an episode of this long-running series? Just flipping through the channels, I stopped briefly as a few contestants were perilously perched above dunk tanks, and continued watching as I like seeing people get soaked. But they were using acronyms incomprehensible to the average viewer (or an English dictionary) and it ran more like a show for “America’s Most Weird and Socially Awkward”. How anyone can watch this drivel of people constantly whispering and giggling to each other while scheming behind other house guest’s backs is beyond explanation.

Breaking Amish/Amish in the City

Why can’t we just let the Amish be? They don’t bug us… why are we so obsessed with ruining their culture and traditions? First it was Weird Al Yankovic and his hilarious Amish Paradise parody and then the producers at TLC and MTV (the former Music Television channel, which is largely devoid of music now) decided they wanted a slice of the anti-Amish pie. Both series follow Amish teens during their rite of passage, Rumspringa, where they are given the opportunity to explore the world outside their communities before choosing whether to return or not. Personally, I figured most of them would return just to get away from all this garbage television.

Non-Talented Celebrity Show

I know what you’re thinking… how’s he going to narrow this down because frankly, there aren’t many out there in reality TV land who have any discernible talent, whatsoever. Who I’m really singling out is your Paris Hilton’s, Nicole Richie’s, and Kardashian’s of the world, who have contributed absolutely nothing positive to this planet, yet have their own shows, clothing lines, and empires. If all you need to do in today’s world is have a sex tape, then Mrs. Sip and myself will get right on it… boy, won’t she be surprised!



So, let me get this straight. We had to wait a decade for a fourth season of Arrested Development, but a show about “celebrities” performing high dives (or in Louie Anderson’s case, belly flopping) gets put on air and actually gains a viewership… I need some god damn aspirin.

So You Think You Can Dance

Short answer: you can’t… going into uncontrollable spasms is not dancing… ask anyone prone to seizures. I absolutely deplore these dance shows. The only people I want to see get down and dirty are Will da Thrill and Buggaloo Shrimp… Jump on it!

Drink #157: Flaming Larynx

June 6

  • 1.5 oz Whiskey (I used Wiser’s Spiced)
  • Top with Cranberry Juice
  • Splash of Clamato Juice
  • Garnish with Lime Wedges

This is a drink I wish upon all of the “singers” performing on American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, The X-Factor and any other talent search. And trust me, I use the term “talent” very loosely. If you’re wondering if there’s any “reality” programming the Sip Advisor actually likes, there are a few shows that I don’t mind. With so much reality TV, you have to pick up one or two shows or else you might as well throw your TV off your balcony, hoping to crush Kim Kardashian. I enjoyed Last Comic Standing when it use to air and really got into the tattoo-themed Ink Master. I also watch Bar Rescue from time to time because (shock!) I like the subject matter, and some of Gordon Ramsay’s programming has been viewed by myself and Mrs. Sip.

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3 Sips out of 5):
I found this recipe because I had a little leftover Clamato Juice. In certain recipes, I’m learning that the mixer can make an interesting addition. It’s certainly not only for Caesars. I wouldn’t say this drink is flaming in anyway, and by that I mean spicy, but it’s pretty decent.