BC Beer Baron #337 – Bad Tattoo Midnight Hopmare Black IPA

Recently, while looking for a beer case to stock the fridge of the Sip Advisor headquarters, this Bad Tattoo Brewing product caught my eye. Featured in the ‘Brewer’s Favourite’ slot of the Flash Pack, I decided to investigate.

The Midnight Hopmare Black IPA is a solid drink choice, using black malts to round out its flavour profile and colour. At 6.6% ABV (I’m a little surprised it’s not 6.66% ABV) and 80 IBUs, the beverage is boozy and hoppy, just the way I like ‘em.


The beer is also available by itself, in bomber-sized bottles, at private liquor locations and at Bad Tattoo’s Penticton tasting room and pizza parlour. Mrs. Sip and I, along with friends, have enjoy this location a couple times in the past.

The brew’s label is pretty intense and perfect for Halloween. Tattooist Jeff White, an artist with the Kettle Valley Tattoo Co. created the label. He said: “I hope you enjoy drinking this beer as much as I enjoyed creating the label.”

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BC Beer Baron #281 – Bad Tattoo Los Muertos Cerveza Negra

While hunting for beers to use during the Sip Advisor’s annual beer pong tournament, I decided to pick up Bad Tattoo Brewing’s Flash Pack case. The set includes this great beer, which I remember enjoying a couple years back on my very first visit to Bad Tattoo’s Penticton tasting room.

The Los Muertos Cerveza Negra is a crisp and refreshing dark lager. The 5% ABV, 25 IBUs beverage uses three different malts (Pilsner, Crystal, and Munich) to achieve their desired results. As the company writes: “It is reminiscent of a light German Bock, but with a Mexican twist.” I love the label work on this beer, as well as Bad Tattoo’s entire lineup.


The Cerveza Negra is available in bomber-sized bottles, as well as the aforementioned Flash Pack. The case also includes the brewery’s Tramp Stamp Pale Ale, West Coast IPA, and True Love Kolsch (seasonal). I thought the collection was pretty diverse and enjoyed the variety of different products.

The brew received of a silver medal at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards in the North American Style Amber Lager category. Following up on that success, Bad Tattoo also released the Dia De Los Muertos Cerveza Fuerte (a Belgian-style Abbey Ale) to go along with the Day of the Dead theme.

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BC Beer Baron #224 – Bad Tattoo Waes Hael Spiced Seasonal Ale

This Bad Tattoo Brewing beverage was another recent pick-up in the Okanagan of a winter seasonal release that I had yet to come across until summer rolled around.

The Waes Hael Spiced Seasonal Ale is a fantastic brew. There’s a lot going on in this drink, with ingredients that are inspired by wassailing, an ancient tradition of visiting homes to participate in yuletide celebrations around Christmas. Recipe elements include cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, all spice, ginger root, and even roasted apples.

Bad Tattoo Waes Hael Spiced Seasonal Ale

The beer holds up well in summer weather, despite being a ‘winter warmer’. Waes Hael means “Be You Healthy” and that is certainly achieved by the 6% ABV Winter Ale.

Bad Tattoo suggests enjoying the beer at a warmer temperature than other products. It is available in bomber-sized bottles from select liquor stores, although you may have trouble tracking a serving down until the next winter season.

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BC Beer Baron #184 – Bad Tattoo True Love Kolsch

Just like yesterday, I have to apologize for neglecting a brewery for far too long, as part of this 366-day BC craft beer project. Thanks to a visit to St. Augustine’s in East Vancouver, I’m finally able to remedy that slight against Bad Tattoo Brewing.

The True Love Kolsch was very nice and may help in the Sip Advisor getting more into that style of beer. Not that I’ve even hated it, but I’ve preferred others. This 4.5% ABV, 25 IBUs brew is very new to the company’s lineup. I particularly enjoyed the flavour and carbonation of the drink, which made it quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

Bad Tattoo Brewing

I like the label art for this beer (available in bomber-sized bottles), which features a classic arrow-through-heart tattoo, with the names Lager and Pilsner crossed out… you know, just like a tattoo that needs to be edited when the love fades and another person takes the place of the original affection.

I have really enjoyed myself the two times Mrs. Sip and I have visited the Bad Tattoo tasting room in Penticton, BC. Our first stop was a late night trek for nightcap beverages, while a few months later, we popped in for some lunch and brews. Their rock oven pizzas are fantastic, particularly from the ‘Weird’ portion of the menu.

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Sip Trips #18: Gluttony Games

Bacchanalia traditionally refers to a Roman festival celebrating the god of the grape harvest, Bacchus (also known as Dionysus). Today, the term is usually applied to “drunken revelry”… and that’s my favourite style of reveling!  Each year, countless wineries get together at the Penticton Lakeside Resort for an event of epic proportions and this year, Mrs. Sip and I were in attendance. Let’s see how things shook out for us in the Okanagan region!


Following our trek to Penticton, we settled in with a meal at the resort’s Hooded Merganser restaurant. While the ladies enjoyed cocktails, followed by wine, I got to try the Stanley Park seasonal beer, SunSetter (summer wheat ale), which was so good, I ordered a second.

After dinner, we were off to Bad Tattoo Brewing for a beer flight nightcap. The five selections we were offered were each good and I particularly liked their Los Muertos Cerveza Negra (which you don’t see too often around these parts) and their Full Sleeve Strong Stout (which I grabbed a bomber of for the road). They also do something neat with their Berliner Weise, where they combine it with a squirt of a flavoured syrup of your choice, including green apple, peach, and raspberry. We, of course, tried all three!

The next morning, we hit the town’s farmer’s market, which shuts down a number of streets to allow for stalls selling fruits, vegetables, crafts, plants, and most importantly, beer and wine. We grabbed a few bottles of vino as we perused the bazaar and also stopped at the Tin Whistle Brewing tent for a tasting. Here, I bought bottles of their Scorpion Double IPA, Peach Cream Ale, and Chocolate Cherry Porter, before we were off in search of wineries.

farmer's market

Our afternoon included stops for tasting at Misconduct, Pentage, and Perseus Wineries, where the beautiful landscapes were matched by the delicious red, white, and rose wines we were getting to enjoy. The collection of bottles kept growing, but that’s just a sign that you’re having a great time!

The main event of the weekend was of course Bacchanalia 2015, which featured countless wineries, surrounding a feast of nibblies. I have to admit that by this point, I was suffering from some wine palette fatigue and a lot of stuff I was sampling was starting to taste the same. The food at the event was good, but I also seemed to tire of eating and noticed that many items would quickly run out while others were hard to find, sometimes located at one of the serving areas, but not all. A constant loop of the food tables sometimes unearthed hidden gems like sausage rolls and meatballs.

Following Bacchanalia, most of our group was still up for hitting The Barking Parrot Bar in our hotel, to wrap up the evening. Here, I enjoyed the Naramata Nut Brown beer, by Cannery Brewing, which was a welcome change from wine and a very fine beverage.

Scotch Nightcap

On Sunday, we packed up and hit the road, making a pit stop at 8th Generation Winery, where Mrs. Sip became a member. She, along with other members of the Sip Family, are big fans of their wines and bubblies, so why not get shipped a few cases each year for glorious consumption.

Out last stop before making the long journey home was to the BC Wine Studio, where Cousin Sip had secured us a personal invite at the farmer’s market the day before. Here, we were treated to an intimate experience of tasting new wines fresh from the barrel, learning about their production process, and even getting to provide notes on grape mixes and products that have yet to hit the market.

The end result of the weekend was 15 bottles of wine, four bombers of beer, and a host of new experiences and memories. All was well with the world, until we arrived home and found our condo had suffered a sink flood while we were away. This has put the Sip Advisor a little out of commission, as my booze collection had to be packed up temporarily. We will forge forward, though and do our best to bring you the best liquor coverage possible.