Beer of the Week #34 – Mariner Northeast IPA

The Sip Alliance recently journeyed to Coquitlam to visit Mariner Brewing, which had only recently opened their doors to the drinking public. The trek was an arduous one (for lazy folks like us), but was totally worth it.

While there, I sampled a little of everything thanks to Cousin Sip’s flight of beers, while also ordering a pint of the Northeast IPA. The 7.5% ABV, 67 IBUs beverage is available in tall cans and was a pretty good beer with a refreshing flavour profile.

Mariner Northeast IPA

The brewery is the first to open in Coquitlam, finally providing the fine folks there with a local craft beer option. The tasting room also specializes in gourmet hotdogs, allowing drinkers a different food option than I’ve seen at breweries before.

The rest of Mariner’s inaugural lineup includes an Amber Ale, Cream Ale and Sour Weisse, with more to come. To go along with their constellation-themed branding, I really like their slogan: “Set no path. Never be lost.”

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BC Beer Baron #183 – Dageraad Amber Ale

I honestly can’t explain why it’s taken so long (we’re halfway through this 366-day BC craft beer project) to throw some coverage Dageraad Brewing’s way. I’ve liked most everything I’ve ever had from the company, but the opportunity in 2016 just hasn’t come up.

That was, until recently, when visiting friends and being offered some of the brewery’s Amber Ale. This beer is incredibly good, with notes of sweet malts to go along with a refreshing, crisp finish. The 6% ABV is an homage to and coming together of complex Belgian and drinkable British ales.

Dageraad Amber Ale

The unfiltered brew is available in bomber sized bottles. Suggested food pairings include Indian and Malaysian curries, braised meats, barbecue, and general pub dishes. The folks at Dageraad argue the Amber Ale is a perfect pairing beer, given its flavour, complexity and higher level of carbonation to cleanse the palate.

Dageraad remains one of the few Lower Mainland breweries that we have yet to visit in-person. We just don’t head out in that direction very often, but should make a point of dropping in. Mrs. Sip would love the place, as their line is heavily made up of Belgian-style releases.

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BC Beer Baron #82 – Stanley Park 1897 Amber

As my beer tastes have grown, I often find myself looking too hard for unique products and it’s invigorating to occasionally get back to the basics. That’s exactly what this Stanley Park Brewing release offered, as we visited The Social Corner for the first time.

The 1897 Amber is a very nice beer. Light, clean and refreshing, this is the type of beer that all drinkers can enjoy and won’t throw anybody out of whack, complaining about hop or alcohol content.

Stanley Park 1897 Amber

The name of this brew is a nod to the founding of the original Stanley Park Brewery by Belgian brewmaster Frank Foubert, all the way back in (you guessed it) 1897. The 1897 Amber was the original release of the reincarnated Stanley Park Brewing, in 2009.

Suggested food pairings include grilled or herb-rubbed meats of the savoury variety, shellfish and spicy dishes. I had the beer with a mushroom burger and fries and really enjoyed the combo.

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