BC Beer Baron #82 – Stanley Park 1897 Amber

As my beer tastes have grown, I often find myself looking too hard for unique products and it’s invigorating to occasionally get back to the basics. That’s exactly what this Stanley Park Brewing release offered, as we visited The Social Corner for the first time.

The 1897 Amber is a very nice beer. Light, clean and refreshing, this is the type of beer that all drinkers can enjoy and won’t throw anybody out of whack, complaining about hop or alcohol content.

Stanley Park 1897 Amber

The name of this brew is a nod to the founding of the original Stanley Park Brewery by Belgian brewmaster Frank Foubert, all the way back in (you guessed it) 1897. The 1897 Amber was the original release of the reincarnated Stanley Park Brewing, in 2009.

Suggested food pairings include grilled or herb-rubbed meats of the savoury variety, shellfish and spicy dishes. I had the beer with a mushroom burger and fries and really enjoyed the combo.

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