Beer of the Week #34 – Mariner Northeast IPA

The Sip Alliance recently journeyed to Coquitlam to visit Mariner Brewing, which had only recently opened their doors to the drinking public. The trek was an arduous one (for lazy folks like us), but was totally worth it.

While there, I sampled a little of everything thanks to Cousin Sip’s flight of beers, while also ordering a pint of the Northeast IPA. The 7.5% ABV, 67 IBUs beverage is available in tall cans and was a pretty good beer with a refreshing flavour profile.

Mariner Northeast IPA

The brewery is the first to open in Coquitlam, finally providing the fine folks there with a local craft beer option. The tasting room also specializes in gourmet hotdogs, allowing drinkers a different food option than I’ve seen at breweries before.

The rest of Mariner’s inaugural lineup includes an Amber Ale, Cream Ale and Sour Weisse, with more to come. To go along with their constellation-themed branding, I really like their slogan: “Set no path. Never be lost.”

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BC Beer Baron #275 – Mt. Begbie Cream Ale

While meeting up with the rest of the Sip Syndicate to discuss plans for our upcoming tour of Ireland together, the Sip Advisor was offered a glass of this Mt. Begbie Brewing release. A fitting refreshment for the occasion.

The Cream Ale was the company’s original flagship beer, dating back to first being brewed in 1996. That makes it a 20th anniversary edition now. The beverage is light in both alcohol content (4.7% ABV) and hops (12 IBUs), featuring flavours of honey and fruit.


The product’s label features Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie – aka ‘The Hanging Judge’ – as well as the image of a noose. Legend has it the former BC judge had a penchant for ending trials with the statement, “hang ‘em”, even delivering it once after an acquittal. Of course, Mt. Begbie is named after the former Chief Justice.

Available in bomber-sized bottles in both BC and Alberta, the drink pairs best with various pastas and pizza. It was rewarded a gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards in the Cream Ale category and a third place finish at the 2012 BC Beer Awards in the Session category.

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