Sip Trips #29: Camping Capers

There’s a lot to get to this week, so let’s get right to it. With Mrs. Sip’s return from Europe, she brought home a bottle of Pimms Strawberry with a hint of Mint and a bottle of Croatian wine. Friends of ours, living in London, also had mini bottles of schnapps (peach and pear) to send back with her.

For our camping trip to Golden Ears, some serious shopping had to be done, to stock up on beverages for the getaway. While I prefer drinking from bottles, it’s always good to have some canned beer on you when camping, as it fits better in coolers, is easier to conceal (if need be… I don’t tell people how to live their lives!), and provides near identical relief.

camping tent

I grabbed the Big Rock Swinger Pack to satisfy this requirement. The mixed set included their Grasshopper Wheat Ale, 7B California Common, Rhine Stone Cowboy Kolsch, and Cherry Farini Kristalweizen, which I was particularly curious about and was looking forward to try. I like Big Rock, but I find their Grasshopper to be very light on the wheat side. The Cherry Farini was a little heavier, though, and I liked the flavour, which wasn’t too overwhelming. As for the rest of the pack, they were solid brews and just right for the summer heat.

While you always worry about whether your packed enough booze, some of the bottles I picked up with the hopes of consuming while out in the forest, I never even got to. This included the Red Truck Campfire Kolsch (ironic due to the current province-wide campfire ban), Old Yale Moon Dance Mango Wheat, Hoyne Dark Matter, and Cannery Blackberry Porter.

Mrs. Sip and I did split the Mango Wheat after returning to civilization, and while good, it wasn’t chilled to the right level, having just made the journey home with us in a cooler that had lost much of its cool. That’s my fault for jumping the gun on the beer, but thirst needed to be quenched!

camping bar

For future camping, we learned to save our canned beers for trips to the beach or hiking, as they travel a little easier than bottles and seem to stay chilled longer. Tasting glasses also seemed to be a hit, especially with bigger bomber bottles that were better split and shared among friends.

Late last week, we managed to squeeze in a bike ride to Postmark Brewing, where we sat down to a tasting flight of their beers, including the Raspberry Lemon Zest Hefe (the brew that drew me into visiting the location), West Coast Pale Ale, IPA, and Dry Irish Stout.

While there, we also grabbed a couple of products from their store, including the Glassbender Farmhouse Ale and BISA, a Belgian ISA. It was interesting to note that the Farmhouse Ale was $4 cheaper in the store, compared to the adjacent restaurant. If you’re on the fence about whether to give the brew a shot, pick it up and take it home. Mrs. Sip and I both enjoyed it, pouring it into plastic wine glasses while camping, to emulate how the beverage was being served in the restaurant. The BISA, which combines tangerines and spice, is at the forefront of my Drinking ‘To Do’ List!


I also bought a bottle of Wiser’s Vanilla Spiced Whiskey recently, as I need to get caught up on all the recipes I wasn’t able to put together as first we had to vacate our apartment due to the flood all the way back at the start of May and then Mrs. Sip leaving for a month-long vacation in Europe, taking our camera with her.

The next week looks busy (when doesn’t it?) with a family barbecue, a trip to the drive-in theatre, a Vancouver Whitecaps game – where thankfully, the stadium has come to embrace the craft beer revolution! – and who knows what else wild stuff we’re likely to get up to!

January 1 – Golden Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions

Golden Resolution

Most of us make them, most of us break them, and no, I’m not talking about pottery. For 2012, I made a few resolutions and by my own accounting, I only kept to one of them and even that one didn’t come into effect until April when I finally began hitting the gym regularly.

That said, here are my resolutions for 2013:

1) To start this blog. Over the next year, I will share with you, the loyal reader, a drink recipe every day of 2013. Other features will pop up over time and I hope you will enjoy all the content my mind can create. Some things to look forward to: Around the World in 18 Libations, Alcohol Quotes, Movie Reviews with Alcoholic Characters, Saturday Shot Day, What I Learned on my All-Inclusive Vacation, and so much more!

2) To drink less… ah, who are we kidding, resolution number one basically makes resolution two null and void. When picking three things to drop (chips, chocolate and fast food) for my wedding diet, alcohol was the one thing my wife and I agreed would not be on the table. EVER.

3) Finally, the one thing that is on my list every year, thanks to one of Samuel L. Jackson’s appearances on Saturday Night Live: “To continue to kick ass!”

And now, onto the first drink of the 365-day Mixology Challenge: The aptly titled, Golden Resolution

Drink #1: Golden Resolution (A Sip Adivsor Original Recipe)

A wonderful way to bring in the New Year or celebrate a major milestone!

A wonderful way to ring in the New Year or celebrate a major milestone!

  • 1-1.5 oz of gold leaf schnapps (I used Schonbrunner Gold, but Goldschläger or any other brand does the trick)
  • Top with champagne

The key here is to then put your champagne flute under a light source and marvel at how the champagne bubbles push the gold leaf around and sparkle under the illumination.

This drink was suggested to us by a Schnapps manufacturer in Austria and I’ll always remember it, as my now wife and I held onto our bottle of Schonbrunner Gold for four years before finally sharing it with the guests at our engagement party. We all enjoyed the spectacle of floating gold leaf, brought to life by the nearby roaring fire pit and it was a wonderful way to close out the party. This drink finishes my bottle of Schonbrunner, so if anyone wants to get me another, you know where to find me.

Now, take your Golden Resolution, drink or goal, and I wish you all the best in 2013!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3.5 Sips out of 5):
This is a very classy drink and if you were judging solely on look and effect it would be a definite 5. I do, however, have to take into account that I’m not a fan of bubbly and therefore not inclined to bubbly-based cocktails. The schnapps is nice because it’s basically flavourless and you have to remember, what glitters is gold!