July 19 – Tennessee Honeycomb

And the Winner Is…

Today we celebrate drink #200. People often ask me what I hope to get out of this site and I simply tell them that as long as I’m enjoying the ride (and all you little sippers out there are, as well), then that’s all I really need. But it would be nice to be bought out for a lifetime supply of booze and some stock options! On with the awards…

Biggest Surprise

Sometimes I go into making a drink with very little hope I’ll actually enjoy the recipe. Other times, I think a cocktail is going to be wicked awesome and it fails to deliver. This edition’s nominees include a Caesar recipe I made seconds of; the McNuggetini with its delicious blend of milkshake and barbecue sauce; and the sadly disappointing Chocolate Milk Mojito.

Nominees: CaesarMcNuggetiniChocolate Milk Mojito

Winner: McNuggetini – I had faith in this concoction, but was still stunned at how well a Chocolate Milkshake and Barbecue Sauce could meld together!

McNuggetini Martini

Best Site Searches

There have been some really funny searches that have brought visitors to this site. While I wouldn’t classify these people as members of Sip Nation or as little sippers in any way possible, they have stumbled upon my little slice of the internet through explorations that range from bizarre to downright hilarious.

Nominees: ninjas hate crunchy leaves; guys crotch lederhosen; how to use trollop in a sentence; morning sex cardio; cat litter cocaine; wedding planning sucks

Winner: how to use trollop in a sentence – I knew my legacy in life was to be a teacher and I hope readers everywhere have learned a number of lessons from my warped mind.

Most Difficult Drink

I’ve learned throughout life that nothing comes easy… even when making cocktails. These nominees include the Whiskey Sick Day, where whip cream made a mess of everything; the Seven Deadly Sins shot, which required me to layer six different ingredients; and the Bend Me Over Slammer, which did not want to cooperate in the fizz department.

Nominees: Whiskey Sick DaySeven Deadly SinsBend Me Over Slammer

Winner: Seven Deadly Sins – I had to be uber careful with this shooter because any false step and the ingredients would blend together, forcing me to start from scratch.

Seven Deadly Sins Shot

Best Garnish

I’m a huge fan of the garnishing game and I work hard to make my drinks unique. Sometimes the best thing for a drink is a simple lemon, lime, or orange wheel or wedge, but anytime I can break outside of the box, I’ll be sure to do that. While this is a tough category to trim down, it must be done for the sake of awesomeness.

Nominees: Gummy Snakes, Caesar Eco-System, PB&J Rim, Decapitated Strawberry, Barbecue Sauce Rim and Chicken McNugget

Winner: Gummy Snakes (used on Mojave Green Rattlesnake) – I delayed this drink by two months, searching for gummy snakes and the wait was well worth it when you see the final product.

Best Photo

This is another very tough category to pare down and pick a winner for. As previously stated, I work very hard on the presentation of cocktails for this miraculous site. That, combined with Mrs. Sip’s editing abilities and we try to offer a visually wonderful cocktail, regardless of taste and all that other junk!

Nominees: Mojave Green Rattlesnake, Snickertini, Guillotine

Winner: Mojave Green Rattlesnake – I love how this picture turned out, with the gummy snakes cooperating amongst the martini.

Mojave Green Rattler Cocktail

Top Shot

A favourite feature of mine on this site is our Super Saturday Shot Day page. Have a visit sometime and see all the hard work we’ve put into getting blitzed on shooters! Here are the best (in my personal opinion, which is all that has ever mattered!) we’ve made over the last 100 drinks.

Nominees: Carpet Licker, B-52, Seven Deadly Sins

Winner: Carpet Licker – While the name may be a turnoff to some (and remember, I don’t come up with these monikers), the shot was delicious and looked fantastic!

Best Drink

And here we are at the big award of the night. You wouldn’t believe what happened for our last winner, the PAMA-Jama. It became the talk of the town, earning seven-figure endorsement deals and TV pilots before substance abuse problems and a falling out with its management team led to one of the quickest rise and falls in stardom history. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself!

Nominees: Raspberry Mojito, Mojave Green Rattlesnake, Coco Bongo, Root Beer Fizz, Tennessee Honeycomb (today’s cocktail!)

Winner: Raspberry Mojito – Each of these cocktails earned a 5-Sip rating, but the Raspberry Mojito takes home the statue thanks to it earning me the reputation of King of Mojitos!

Drink #200: Tennessee Honeycomb

July 19

Time to return the tuxedo again until drink #300… damn, just realized there’s a little whiskey stain on the breast pocket… I knew I shouldn’t have slammed back so many drinks!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (5 Sips out of 5):
I “borrowed” this recipe from a local restaurant, Steamworks, were I thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail on a recent guy’s night out. Honey Whiskey has to be one of my favourite spirits out there and this drink lets it shine. Orange Bitters are the icing on the cake for this treat, while I’ve already written of my affinity for Ginger Ale as a mixer.

May 8 – McNuggetini

McHappy Day

While I don’t go there nearly as often as I did in a previous life, I still have a fondness for the “golden arches”! One of my favourite McDonald’s menu items of all time is the Big Xtra (or Big N’ Tasty for the American audience). This sandwich has vastly disappeared from most McDonald’s restaurants, but for some reason is available at all Wal-Mart McDonald’s outlets.

When I once worked conveniently across the street from a McDonald’s, I would occasionally walk a couple extra blocks to the nearby Wal-Mart to get my true menu item of choice. On a recent Wal-Mart shopping expedition, complete with Big X-tra indulgence, I got to thinking about McDonald’s mains and sides I’d love to see back on the menu.

McDonalds Apples

Shaker Fries

Back when Mickey-D’s featured a limited-time “Taste of the Month” menu item, the shaker fries were introduced. The flavour options included sour crème and onion and barbecue. The gimmick was simple. You’d pour your carton of fries into a shaker bag, along with your seasoning of choice, give it a quick whirl and voila, flavoured fries. When Mrs. Sip and I were visiting New Zealand, we came across a McDonald’s that had these very fries and best of all, you were able to eat your meal inside a replica small plane!

Arch Deluxe

A precursor of sorts to the company’s current crop of “luxury” burger offerings, the Arch Deluxe featured a larger than normal beef patty, along with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and optional bacon. Today, the chain offers Angus burgers in its place (in Canada, at least) and we have this innovator to thank for the progressive burger movement.


Another McDonalds oddity that was actually pretty decent. I remember Papa Sip – never a huge fan of McDonalds food, except breakfast – would always order this menu item. McPizza was taken off the menu because it took the restaurants too long to make each order, thus not falling in line with the concept of fast food.


McDonaldland Cookies

A very memorable childhood treat and featured in a little cardboard box, the McDonaldland chocolate chip cookies existed in a time where we didn’t force kids to have a side of apple slices with their cheeseburger because they don’t know what it’s like to go outside and exercise. Sadly, these cookies have been extinct for some time now. I wonder if anyone is selling a pack on EBay or something.

Orange Drink

This stuff was totally radical! It was like that Super Socco juice box, except watered down to extreme levels. If I could get my hands on this substance today, first I’d also ask to take a tour of the McDonalds facility (do you remember when they used to do that at birthday parties?) and play in the ball pit, before heading home and coming up with some drink ideas for the sweet nectar.

McDonald's Orange Drink

Deli Sandwiches

These subs were pretty good… not Subway good, but not too shabby, either. The sandwiches were released at a time when McDonalds was trying to improve its image as a healthy choice in the fast food market and compete with restaurants like Quiznos and the aforementioned Subway. My choice among the lot was the Turkey BLT, which came with all the ingredients you’d expect from its name.

Meal Days

Mondays were Big Mac day, Tuesdays featured the Big Xtra, Wednesdays brought the McChicken to the yard and so on. The only meal day I didn’t much care for was Filet O’ Fish on Fridays, but cheap burgers each day of the week was pretty epic. Why they ever got rid of this promotion, which surely had to be successful, I’ll never know. At least it existed during my high school days. Ah, so many classes skipped to hang out at McDonalds, playing cards, and scoring cheap eats!

Drink #128: McNuggetini

McNuggetini Martini

  • Rim glass with Barbecue Sauce
  • 1.5 oz Vodka (I used Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped)
  • Top with McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake
  • Garnish with a Chicken McNugget

Such an awe-inspiring concoction! There are many McDonalds’ items that I have yet to try, as I constantly add to my “To Eat” list. This includes the McRib and McLobster sandwiches as well as McPoutine. Help me on my quest by donating to the ‘Make a Sip Foundation’. Seriously, though, go out and grab a menu item that provides money for charity on this, the happiest of all days, McHappy Day!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4.5 Sips out of 5):
Most people probably can’t wrap their heads around the Barbecue Sauce rim working with a Chocolate Milkshake, but I have to say that the sweet sauce was a nice compliment to the chocolate shake. Chocolate Whipped Vodka was also an excellent call, on my behalf.