Beer of the Week #27 – Storm Chicken Wing IPA

Yes, you read that right… your eyes are not deceiving you. While dining at St. Augustine’s earlier this week, I was able to try this very odd beer, dreamt up by the crew at Storm Brewing, who may have the most fun in the industry.

I was lucky to get my hands on the Chicken Wing IPA. When we first arrived, according to the restaurant’s live beer menu, there was only 3% remaining in the keg and by the time our meal finished, it was gone. I was very happy to contribute to the keg being drained.

Storm Brewing Logo.png

The 7% ABV beverage is vegan-friendly (no chickens were harmed in the making of the ale, according to Storm) and is made using the company’s own hot sauce, sour ale and cayenne pepper. The brew has a spicy aftertaste, which dominates the overall flavour.

Other bizarre concoctions I’ve been able to enjoy from the brewery’s Brainstorms lineup, include a Margherita Pizza IPA, Vanilla Whiskey Stout, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ale, and Mojito Pilsner. Don’t stop dreaming Storm!

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BC Beer Baron #9: Storm Vanilla Whiskey Stout

Cousin Sip had one of Storm Brewing’s new refillable bomber bottles and because she’s going through a month of trying not to drink (what an odd concept!), she was practically forced to give the amazing brew to me, before the beer went bad. In my travels, I’ve never seen refillable bombers (growlers and Bostons seem to be the norm), so I hope this is a new trend that will spread across the land.

The Vanilla Whiskey Stout is pretty easy to sum up: it’s spectacular. The beer is strong and flavourful, with a blend of vanilla and whiskey tastes. The smell is also very inviting and we all marvelled over how good it smelled after being trapped in its bottle for as long as it had.

Storm Brewing

For those that have yet to visit Storm Brewing, it should be on every local beer aficionado’s bucket list. When you first enter, though, you might think the brewery has no interest in their customer’s experience. I urge you to push on, my little sippers, and you will meet one of the best staffs in the game. Aside from the people, the beers are amazing and ever-changing, with a list of “Brainstorms” that is updated regularly. I promise you will fall in love with the brewery that features a rat as their mascot.

You won’t find Storm beers at any liquor store, but some selections can be located at bars around BC’s Lower Mainland. The Vanilla Whiskey Stout has quickly become one of my favourites and it’s totally worth the effort of searching high and low for a serving… or convincing you cousin to share the joy!

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