BC Beer Baron #86 – Bomber Park Life Passion Fruit Ale

With spring and summer rapidly approaching, Bomber Brewing has brought back this seasonal release, perfect for the time of year.

The Park Life Passion Fruit Ale is light (only 4.5% ABV) and refreshing with a powerful punch of passion fruit flavour. Although I’m only recently getting more into sour beers, the tart finish here was quite enjoyable and did not detract from the rest of the drinking experience.

Bomber Park Life Passion Fruit Ale

The American Blonde Ale is available in canned six-packs, which makes it easy to pack along for camping or otherwise hanging out in the great outdoors. Plus, with it being so light, you can throw back a whole bunch of them with relative ease.

On our recent journey to Yeast Van, we had to stop into Bomber Brewing, where Cousin Sip’s husband is a diehard fan of their Marzen amber lager. I’m only happy to oblige another destination being added to our itinerary and more beers being enjoyed.

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