Snack Time #14 – Hershey’s Cookie+ Bars

When Ma Sip first told me she had picked up these Hershey’s Chocolate new releases, I got a little excited. Unfortunately, while still pretty good, they didn’t live up to my hopeful expectations.

Part of this is because I’ve never been enthralled with Hershey’s chocolate. Also, I was hoping the bars would be more similar to the Cookies & line released by Mars Inc. when the Sip Advisor was a teenager.

Hershey's Cookie+ Bars.jpg

The bars come in Vanilla Crème and Caramel varieties. Each pouch contains seven snack-sized bars, which was a little disappointing given the price Ma Sip paid, but not surprising given the ways of the world.

For whatever reason, I can only find information on the company’s similar Cookie Layer Crunch Bars, which also offers a Mint-flavoured option. Not sure where the Cookie+ bars have been lost to?

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