Flavour Revolution – Elderflower

Spiritual Safety

The Elder Tree, producer of the elder berry, is surrounded by tales of myths and legends, some good and some bad. Some believe the tree keeps evil spirits at bay, while others think that cutting the tree released a force known as the Elder Mother (who sounds like the sweetest lady you could ever meet) would be unleashed on the cutters, to take revenge. I’d like to believe in the former, so let’s look at some other items believed to ward off baddies!


This is why the Sip Advisor always keeps a box of Lucky Charms on hand! If you were to hang a horseshoe above your door, it was believed that witches couldn’t enter your humble abode. It was also said to pass along good luck to all that passed by the symbol. This is why folks working at barns are the happiest people around!

toilet seat horseshoes

Wind Chimes

Along with providing sweet, melodic sounds during storms, wind chimes are thought to scare off evil. They can also scare off humans and animals who are opposed to loud noises. Ma and Pa Sip have a large collection of wind chimes on their back porch, so I guess their home is one of the safest places in my network of hiding possibilities.


Do you live in a not-so-safe neighbourhood? Compton, I’m looking at you! Well, try this little theory: arrowheads above your doorway. It’s believed by some that burglars won’t be able to enter your home, thanks to these spiked tips. My theory is that a thief would see these arrowheads and assume the person inside the home was just too crazy to mess with!


Okay, this one is a little bizarre (yes, more so than those already listed). If you’re lonely and in search of love, place a wishbone above your door on New Year’s Day and a relationship will soon be yours. Oh, you’ll also have to chant “Lover, come hither!” three times fast. Sounds like a debauchery-filled night for Mrs. Sip and I… she’ll deny that, though!

human wishbone

Door Gods

Given the Sip Advisor’s penchant for holding doors open for people, I thought they were referring to me, but apparently this dates back to China’s Tang Dynasty. The two gods (generals of Tang Taizong) come together and face each other, while also intimidating evildoers. Just don’t put the gods back-to-back, or you’re basically welcoming bad mojo.


Let’s wrap things up with the world famous vampire repellent. I mean, garlic is often cited as having a myriad of health benefits, but nothing is better towards a healthy lifestyle than repelling evil spirits, am I right!? While not all cultures love garlic and its pungent odor, I for one will continue eating fries, bread, and everything else made with it!

Flavour Revolution: Le Soirée

Le Soiree Martini

There are many other items meant to repel evil spirits, but I like to keep these articles short, in order to stave off the wrath of Mrs. Sip and her editing skills! Stay safe, my little sippers!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
I have no idea where I found this recipe, but I did record it on my phone and wanted to use it all along for this project. It was pretty good, with the bitter Hendrick’s Gin getting some balance from the sweet St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur. To turn it up a notch in the future, I might sub in Lemon-Lime Soda for Club Soda, just to get an extra citrus burst.

September 7 – Jelly Bean


Today marks drink #250 and as we’ve done every time we hit the half-century mark, the Sip Advisor presents to you a smattering of hilarious alcohol-fueled memes!


Some people will never be good cooks, but so long as there’s beer nearby, men and women alike will never go without sustenance. There’s nothing wrong with the odd liquid dinner. I’d say I go liquid only four to five times a week. I do follow that up, though, with a dessert of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza, so everything works out in the end!

drunk on patios

Is there a better place to drink than on a patio? Well, perhaps in your underwear on your favourite couch, but patios are a close second! Mrs. Sip and I love to find a nice little spot where we can be one with the outdoors, while sharing good times with friends, family, and liquor. That’s about as outdoorsy as we get, preferring all the comforts the indoors have to offer.

Don't Judge

One day, when the world goes to hell (even more so than it already has), there will be an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. On one side, will be all us boozers. On the other side, will be the people who think so highly of themselves that they look down upon all the people that are actually enjoying life. The winners will inherit the earth and providing we’re not too busy nursing a hangover, my money is on us!


I’ve found my short-term memory to be absolutely horrible lately. Whether that is the result of age or all the drinking I do… where was I going with this!? In all seriousness, I’m not too worried about my short term memory being unreliable. As long as I can remember all the important stuff, like my name and such, I don’t necessarily see a reason for all that other junk.

Liquor Shopping

This is a fantastic question Mr. Dinosaur. This is something we could debate for hours on end (and I look forward to our next conversation) but ultimately, the results are the same. Regardless of where you are, you’re going to spend stupidly on things you technically don’t need, but they’ll be a pleasure to have while it’s there!

Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cups are perhaps the greatest party tool ever invented. I never really knew that they were designed to give users an idea of measurements until I saw this meme and that makes them all the more amazing. What if you used the cup to make a layered drink of each listed alcohol and filled it to the proper line. A beer, wine, liquor combo. I’m going to have to give that a try sometime!

Drink #250: Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Shot

  • Rim glass with Jelly Beans
  • 0.5 oz Southern Comfort
  • 0.5 oz Sambuca
  • 0.5 oz Blackcurrant Liqueur

250 drinks is quite the milestone. Have you enjoyed the ride so far?

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3 Sips out of 5):
The shooter actually does taste like a Jelly Bean, so that was a pleasant surprise. If you don’t have a Blackberry or Blackcurrant Liqueur, you can always sub Grenadine in its place. The Jelly Bean rim was a bit of a pain to put together because I wasn’t able to pick up the exact Jelly Beans I had envisioned for this shot, but it came together well enough, with the assistance of Mrs. Sip!