June 8 – B-52

Numerically Yours

We discover our favourite numbers through a variety of sources. They can be religious in meaning, the numbers of your sports’ idols, a special date, or they could have absolutely no back story whatsoever… you just like the damn digits. Here are some of my favourite numerals:


Lucky #7 has always been my preferred jersey number. It dates back to my favourite hockey player when I was really young, Cliff Ronning. I was a small little guy growing up and Ronning was a bit of an inspiration for me giving his stature in the size-dominated sports world. I even attended Ronning’s hockey school a couple years in a row, which was an early highlight in this amazing life I lead.



I don’t fear this number at all, as I had my best young hockey season (point wise) wearing jersey #13. I’ve always found it interesting that hotels and cruise ships, among other enterprises, don’t have a “13th” floor. Doesn’t that just make floor 14 bad luck? Now you’re spreading the poison and before you know it, all numbers will be infected with evil.


When I joined a beer league hockey team one year, available numbers were scarce. I decided to take #21, hoping that eventually I’d earn an internationally recognized nickname: Blackjack. While that stardom never happened, I did put up decent numbers for the team and given it was a beer league, the ale and lager were regularly flowing, which is what the game is all about!


What red-blooded male doesn’t have a fondness when these digits come together in perfect harmony and symmetry? While not many athletes have sported the filthy little number on their jersey, it should be noted that minor league hockey enforcer Mel ‘The Mangler’ Angelstad donned the #69 while suiting up for the Washington Capitals in two career NHL outings. He recorded two penalty minutes in those games.

Lucky Numbers 69


The devil’s number… it might be a scary sign to some, but I think the darkside should be embraced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those Satanists or something, I just believe that without bad, we wouldn’t know what good was. Damn, I just had this weird flashback to the Philosophy of Religion course I took many moons ago. I need something to wash that taste out of my mouth.


Not only was this supposed to be the year of the Mayan-predicted “end of time”, but it was also the year I got married to Mrs. Sip… which I thought would surely bring about the apocalypse. I was pretty sure as we exchanged our vows and said our “I dos” that I could hear the faint galloping of the four horsemen… that would have made for some pretty epic wedding photos, am I right!?


The above number looks totally random and while it is, it does hold special meaning for both Mrs. Sip and me. While I can’t divulge why it’s an important number for us, I’m sure that some smart hacker type out there will probably figure it out and ruin our lives. I say bring it on and we will destroy you!

Drink #159: B-52

B-52 Shot

This post has been brought to you by the numbers 19, 22, 25, and 30… if anybody out there in Sip Nation can crack code as to what these numbers mean, drop me a line. We’re talking Da Vinci Code shizzle here!

Sip Advisor’s Bar Notes (4 Sips out of 5):
I thoroughly enjoyed this shot and am now inspired to try other members of the B-[insert number here] family. The Grand Marnier adds a nice orange taste to the Kahlua and Bailey’s, which often team up together for positive results. Layering these ingredients wasn’t nearly as difficult as other shots and cocktails that require the same technique.

April 2 – Lady Luck

Sex, Lies and Video Poker

I feel as if Lady Luck has always smiled down upon me. I can remember countless times that I’ve found money (and we’re not talking about nickels and dimes… the real shizzle) out and about: $5 outside a pub (after my drink had been bought for me, as well), or $20 as I waited in line to buy a wrestling action figure as a kid. You get the picture.

Lady Luck

This brings me to my greatest night out gambling in Las Vegas. The action may seem tame and the winnings mild to many, but it was a wonderful rush for me.

We were in Sin City to celebrate Broski Sip’s 21st birthday. The trip had gone very well to that point, but Mrs. Sip had now departed the group since she had to get back home early for school stuff (I had so far failed to bring her up to my Fonzie-like cool status… which is probably why she earns so much more than me now). We grabbed some drinks and hit the Treasure Island casino floor to try our luck.

Growing up, I played a lot of video poker on a handheld device I was given one Christmas. I decided to try my hand at that, too intimidated to play Texas Hold’em, Blackjack or anything else with live people.

Might have had a chance taking some money from this friendly fella!

Might have had a chance taking some money from this friendly fella!

Putting in a whopping $5, I figured I’d play until I was wiped of my massive funds and then concentrate on something I do best: drinking!

Early on I fluctuated back and forth, never making any serious gains, but I wasn’t losing much either. Then I started hitting some big hands. Two four-of-a-kind draws materialized in the span of about 10 hands and before I knew it, I was up $40. Not bad for video poker and starting small. The winning continued and I was having a ball. Surely casino officials would soon be approaching me for enrollment in the High Rollers Club now that I’d surpassed $50 in winnings!

What I expected to last about 10 minutes (if I was lucky) was now entering a second hour of play. I decided to set a drop out limit and when I finally came back down to about $50, I cashed out and proudly coddled the strip of paper that announced my earnings. It would have been nice to be back in the old days of casinos and actually have a massive bucket of coins to embrace, but then video poker may not have existed (and Back to the Future tells us that I would not have been born, in that case).

At least I knew when to stop!

At least I knew when to stop!

In need of a beverage top-up and not wanting to waste my precious windfall on grossly expensive casino cocktails, I made the trip back to my room, where we had a couple bottles of booze we needed to get through. En route, Lady Luck said, “Here’s one more little surprise… you’ve earned it!” and there, on the carpet in the hall was a crisp $20 bill, just lying there waiting for me. I looked around, and with the entire corridor empty, made the conclusion that nobody else deserved to claim this cash any more than me, so I snagged it and proclaimed, “This is the greatest night of my life!”

Drink #92: Lady Luck

Lady Luck Drink Recipe

  • 1 oz Gin
  • 1 oz Blue Curacao
  • Top with Orange Juice
  • Garnish with Orange Twist and Maraschino Cherry

This cocktail is sure to give you all the blessings you need to match my $50 record winnings. May Lady Luck look over you and all your loved ones as you join me in the High Roller Executive Club!

Sip Advisor Bar Notes (3 Sips out of 5):
My favourite detail about this cocktail is probably the garnish, with the Maraschino Cherry wrapped up by the Orange Twist. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the taste of the cocktail and it was a little thick thanks to the Orange Juice.