Snack Time #4: Purdy’s Nutty Mac White

The Nutty Mac White is one of Mrs. Sip’s favourite chocolate delicacies of all-time. So, with her birthday recently occurring, I was sure to gift her a couple packs of the delight, to help celebrate the occasion with sweetness.

Personally, I love all the different flavours that combine to make the Nutty Mac White experience. The sweetness of the caramel and white chocolate is balanced by salty roasted Macadamia nuts, for a blend that is sure to tickle your taste buds.


The chocolatier also carries the similar Sweet Georgia Browns, which come in dark and milk chocolate formats, as well as in miniature form. Mrs. Sip prefers the Macadamia nuts of the Nutty Mac White, over the pecans of the Sweet Georgia Browns.

Available in two-packs, the treats retail for $5 per package, or $13.50 for three. Purdy’s is a BC-based company, which has expanded to Alberta and Ontario. Their wares can also be found online, for those with a sweet tooth.

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