Snack Time #2: Burts Guinness Toasted Cheddar Potato Chips

The Sip Advisor is a big fan of Burts Guinness potato chips, loving their original and Rich Chilli-flavoured variations. So, when the Sip Syndicate was in Ireland and visited the Guinness Storehouse, I just had to grab a bag of the Toasted Cheddar style.

I can find cheese-flavoured snacks to be hit and miss, given my love-hate relationship with cheese, in general. In this case, I enjoyed the chips, but found the flavour to be more cheese and onion with some Guinness stout seasoning, rather than toasted cheddar.


This is the third variation of Guinness chips offered by Burts, and I would rank it as my third favourite. Burts originated in New York all the way back in 1853, before crossing the pond, where they were renamed crisps since the term ‘chips’ already belonged to fries.

Although I’m a self-described chippy monster, this product has managed to survive a few months, prior to me finally tearing the bag open. For those interested in trying them for yourself, you might be able to track down the crisps at a British import store.

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