BC Beer Baron #143 – Steamworks Black Angel IPA

For Christmas, Mrs. Sip’s family gifted the Sip Advisor the Steamworks Brewing Mash-Up Vol 2 case of beer. You could say that I’m easy to shop for, so long as you know where the nearest liquor store is!

Featured in that pack is the Black Angel IPA, which is the brew that originally caught my eye when I first came across the 12-pack, mere days before receiving it. The IPAs darkness provides a different flavour profile from other, more traditional IPAs. It’s roasty and hoppy all at the same time, a good beer hybrid.

Steamworks Black Angel IPA

The Black Angel is a bit of a hidden gem, as it’s only available in the aforementioned Mash-Up Vol 2 case. All in all, the 12-pack is a very good collection, also featuring the brewery’s signature Pale Ale and award-winning Heroica Red Ale.

This may be Steamworks newest foray into IPA territory, but the company has dabbled there before, with their Jasmine IPA. It’s interesting to note that the Black Angel sees Steamworks take things up a notch, going from 6.5% to 7% ABV and from 60 to 70 IBUs, with the successor.

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BC Beer Baron #34 – Steamworks Heroica Red Ale

For Christmas, Mrs. Sip’s family gifted me Steamworks Brewing’s Mash-Up (Vol. 2) variety pack and I’m very glad they did as there are some solid beers in this collection.

Among them, is the Heroica Red Ale, which is a very tasty, albeit hoppy brew. The story of this beverage goes much deeper than just enjoying it, though.

Steamworks Heroica Red Ale

The beer is dedicated to BC Firefighters, who risk their lives on a daily basis to save others. Featuring a firefighter rescuing a damsel in distress on the bottle, the beer was originally released in September 2014 on a limited basis, but returned for the 2015 fall season.

Winning a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards might have helped in that decision, but it should also be noted that proceeds from sales of the beer go to the BC Burn Fund, in partnership with the Burnaby Fire Department. The October 2014 campaign raised over $10,000, thanks to beer drinkers across the province.

I’m more than happy to drink to that!

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