Beer of the Week #20 – Bridge Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale

If you’re looking to “enjoy the deep south way up north”, then this Bridge Brewing release may be the perfect fit for you. I remember when I first saw it on menus a couple years ago, I had to order a few pints and satisfy my curiosity.

The Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale is a good beer that can be enjoyed year round, but is especially perfect on a hot summer day. The 5.5% ABV, 20 IBUs beverage combines many of the Sip Advisor’s favourite alcohol elements, including bourbon, wheat beers, and fruit.

Bridge Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale

Originally brewed solely for Tap & Barrel locations, the beer has grown from a seasonal release to being part of Bridge’s year round lineup. Given its popularity and availability, I’m surprised I didn’t get around to profiling it during last year’s BC Beer Baron project.

The product can be found in bomber-sized bottles and tall cans. I also recently spotted it in a variety six-pack from Bridge, which included two bottles each of the Bourbon Blood Orange, North Shore Pale Ale and Hopilano IPA.

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BC Beer Baron #316 – Bridge Hopilano IPA

On our recent visit to Bridge Brewing’s new tasting room, the Sip Alliance tried everything the company could throw our way. Amongst more than a dozen options, was this diamond in the rough… not to say the rest of the lineup isn’t smooth, as well.

The Hopilano IPA is of the northwest variety, made with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops. The 6% ABV, 59 IBUs beverage is heavy on citrus flavours, such as lemon and grapefruit, while also mixing in a distinct bitterness that balances the rest of the recipe.


I like what Bridge did with this beer’s name, taking the Capilano region of North Vancouver and changing it to Hopilano. Capilano is home to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a major tourist attraction in the province, which is prominently featured as part of this brew’s logo.

Of the IPA, which is now available in canned six-packs, the brewery writes: “Like our West Coast climate, our beer will leave your mouth lush and wanting more.” Well, I’m always wanting more and this is the type of beer I don’t mind getting me there!

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