BC Beer Baron #359 – Driftwood Blackstone Porter

Through winter, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in front of a roaring fire with Mrs. Sip and throwing on a classic Christmas movie. Add in a dark beer, such as this Driftwood Brewing selection and the picture is complete.

The Blackstone Porter is highlighted by flavours of cocoa, coffee and chocolate. The 6% ABV beverage may be on the heavy side, but the flavours are totally worth it. Hired Guns Creative once again knock the beer’s label out of the park.


This seasonal release is available from fall, through to early spring, in bomber-sized bottles at BC Liquor Stores and private retailers. The brewery suggests that this is “A drinkable platform to explore dark malt!” I couldn’t’ agree more.

Driftwood has suggested a myriad of food pairings for the beer. These include oysters, smoked foods, barbecue, mushrooms, onions, rosemary, thyme, cheeses such as Stilton, Caerphilly or aged Cheddar, chocolate, or pecans.

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BC Beer Baron #253 – Driftwood Cry Me A River Gose

While on a recent beer tour, I spotted this guest tap from Driftwood Brewing and decided a serving must be had, having gotten more into the gose style in recent times.

The Cry Me A River Gose comes from a rare style of wheat beer that is more sour and salty than typical brews from the wheat family. This is because of the gose’s origins from Leipzig, Germany and the salty waters of the city’s Gose River. Thanks to its unique taste, the beverage is perfect on a hot summer day, paired with seafood and shellfish. All this, despite the fact the gose style went extinct not once, but twice in its native country.


The 5% ABV seasonal product is available in bomber-sized bottles at BC Liquor Stores for a very decent price of $5.19, before taxes and deposit. The beer is an ancestor/rebranding of Driftwood’s Gose-Uh (the actual pronunciation of the beer style) Gose, which debuted in 2013.

I’ve been a big fan of Driftwood’s label designs for some time, mentioning the work in other articles, but have neglected to give a shout out to the company that makes the magic happen, Hired Guns Creative. Some of the company’s other clients include breweries, wineries and distilleries from across BC and abroad.

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