BC Beer Baron #194 – Lighthouse Jackline Rhubarb Grisette

Each month, as part of this 366-day BC craft beer extravaganza that I will be sharing with you throughout 2016, I will highlight a specific style or theme of beers for a whole week of articles. With so many brewery options out there, a game of one-upmanship sometimes occurs and from that, the world is treated to some very unique experimental releases.

In the Sip Advisor’s mind, there are only two acceptable ways to consume rhubarb: in pie and alcohol forms. Luckily, Lighthouse Brewing has taken care of the latter half of that theory.

The Jackline Rhubarb Grisette is brewed with organic Fraser Valley rhubarb juice, resulting in a refreshing beverage with sour notes of rhubarb on the finish. For those unfamiliar, a grisette is similar to a saison and shares some attributes with wheat/hefeweizen beers.

Lighthouse Jackline Rhubarb Grisette

Part of the brewery’s Explorer Series, this 5.5% ABV is available in bomber-sized bottles, as well as part of Lighthouse’s Bounty variety case. The pack also includes their Bowline Pilsner, Race Rocks Ale and Tasman Pale Ale.

So, what exactly is a jackline? Well, after conjuring up all of my nautical knowledge, I have the answer (much thanks to Wikipedia!). A jackline is a rope or wire that stretches the length of a ship – from bow to stern – allowing the crew to clip onto and move about safely.

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BC Beer Baron #87 – Lighthouse Shipwreck IPA

Getting together with friends recently at Library Square to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps game, I was impressed by the pubs line-up of craft beers, which included this tasty gem from Lighthouse Brewing.

The Shipwreck IPA is a Pacific Northwest version of an India Pale Ale and that’s just the way the Sip Advisor likes ‘em. At perfectly corresponding numbers of 6.5% ABV and 65 IBUs, this IPA comes right into my wheelhouse, no pun intended.

Lighthouse Shipwreck IPA

Part of Lighthouse’s Explorer Series, the IPA is available in six-packs of bottles and cans. The name of the beer was originally Switchback IPA, but had to be changed due to legal action from the Okanagan Crush Pad winery, which had trademarked their Summerland location “Switchback Organic Vineyard”.

In the past, I’ve greatly enjoyed Lighthouse products when I’ve come across them at festivals (my MVP of the Galiano Wine & Beer Festival last year) and have picked up their Bounty mixed case a couple times. Next time I journey to Esquimalt, I’ll have to stop by their location and experience things right from the source.

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