BC Beer Baron #315 – Ridge Ay Caramba! Jalapeño IPA

This Ridge Brewing beer has been sitting on the Sip Advisor’s ‘To Do’ list for quite some time… too long, if you ask me. Mrs. Sip and I finally got out to Maple Ridge again and after sampling the release, I instantly filled a growler with the brew.

The Ay Caramba! Jalapeño IPA certainly has a bite to it, but it’s far from a one-dimensional beverage. Flavours of caramel and a hop bitterness also prevail in the 5.5% ABV, 70 IBUs concoction. Drinkers should be cautioned that this IPA is muy caliente and not for anyone who is spice sensitive… such as the gorgeous Mrs. Sip. More beer for me, I guess!


The product is available in bomber-sized bottles from the brewery, where it is also on tap for glass and growler fills. Suggested food pairings include salty barbecue items or Mexican food, of course. The Sip Advisor combined the drink with a rotisserie chicken and a host of side dishes.

This was our second visit to Ridge Brewing’s tasting room and both of our stops have been excellent, filled with copious beer servings and great service from those behind the bar. A highlight has also been checking out the brewery’s collection of growlers from around the province.

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BC Beer Baron #254 – Ridge Café Morena English Brown Ale

While sitting down for a meal of tacos at Originals Restaurante Mexicano in New West, Mrs. Sip and I were pleasantly surprised to learn of the diverse lineup of brews available on the eatery’s three craft beer taps. Mrs. Sip ordered a serving of this Ridge Brewing release.

Good thing she did, as we both instantly enjoyed the Café Morena English Brown Ale, loving the flavours of coffee, caramel and nuts that came through with each taste. The 5% ABV, 27 IBUs drink was complex and refreshing. While I prefer higher carbonation, this style does call for minimal fizz.


The beer is available in bomber-sized bottles and the brewery notes that the beverage is best enjoyed warm. Our serving was ice cold, so perhaps it works both ways (like an iced coffee). Mrs. Sip and I aren’t even coffee enthusiasts (or fans at all) and we loved this beer.

The husband and wife owners of Ridge Brewing are Mexican, so why not partner with a taqueria. Ridge can also offer other brews that pair well thematically with the cuisine, such as their Gringa Loca Witbier and Ay Caramba! Jalapeno IPA, which I finally got to try recently.

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BC Beer Baron #114 – Ridge Black Mamba Milk Stout

The final stop of our recent Fraser Valley brewery crawl brought us to Ridge Brewing, where we had a very enjoyable visit, chatting with the staff and owner of the operation.

Among the samples I tried while there, was the Black Mamba Milk Stout. Normally, I’m not a fan of snakes, but history has shown that I will let that trepidation slide when beer is on the line!

Ridge Black Mamba Milk Stout

This 5% ABV, 27 IBUs offering is light and easy to drink, with hints of the flavours (chocolate/coffee) one would typically expect from a stout.

Ridge’s newest release is the Ay Caramba! Jalapeno IPA, which I can’t wait to try. Perhaps I can have my agents out that way assist me in pursuing this product.

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