Snack Time #35 – Kalev Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates

What do you get when you combine one of the Sip Advisor’s favourite liqueurs with chocolate? A Sip Syndicate member, recently on vacation in Europe, has provided empirical evidence for us to consider from Kalev Chocolate Candies.

The Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates come from Estonia, using the country’s famous liqueur. What I like best about them is that they’re not simply dark chocolate and liqueur, but because they are creamy, they aren’t as sharp in taste as other boozy chocolate.

Kalev Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolates

Kalev Chocolate Candies, also an Estonian institution, was first established back in 1806. For those unfamiliar with the liqueur used in these chocolates, it is so very good. Vana Tallinn is rum-based with flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus.

Mrs. Sip and I visited Tallinn, Estonia in 2013 and it was a highlight of our Baltic cruise. Perhaps the relaxing day, sipping beer from the city’s medieval wall and buying neat alcohols played a role in my affection for the port stop.

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