Snack Time #31 – Magnum Minis

One of Mrs. Sip’s few cravings during her pregnancy has been ice cream… and lots of it. Therefore, I usually keep some Magnum Ice Cream products on hand, so that I’m not waken from my sleep and sent out in the middle of the night to track them down.

Among Mrs. Sip’s favourites have been the Magnum Mini bars, allowing us to indulge in delicious sustainable cocoa and decadent vanilla ice cream, while keeping with the idea of moderation. A full-size serving may be too rich, but the Mini bars are just right.

Magnum Minis.jpg

If you do decide to treat yourself to a larger portion, other great flavours from Magnum include entries from their Doubles line, such as Double Peanut Butter, Double Caramel and Double Cookies & Cream. There’s also the simple, yet classic variety.

You’d think Mrs. Sip would lose interest in the product after my jokes about purchasing multiple boxes of Magnum’s (in reference to the similarly named condoms), but the cravings always win out. Must be why she sends me out all alone!

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