Snack Time #23 – PayDay Texas BBQ

Mrs. Sip and I have long been devotees of PayDay peanut-caramel bars. So, imagine my thrill when I spotted this unique product, while exploring the massive confines of the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates.

The PayDay Texas BBQ variation was interesting. Despite being a fan of barbecue peanuts, I was curious to see how the hickory flavour would mix with the chewy caramel center PayDays are known for. I think the combo worked, but others may find it too odd.

PayDay Texas BBQ

The price of the bars – found in the Hershey World store – came to about $4 Canadian each, so they did not come cheap. I had to grab one though, as even the regular PayDay variation is not available in Canada, let alone any special renderings.

I’ve mentioned before my pursuit for the PayDay Avalanche (chocolate-covered) bar. I also wish I had the opportunity to try the Honey Roasted limited edition release that was available in 2003.

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