Snack Time #22 – Dutch Crunch Parmesan & Garlic Kettle Chips

When Mrs. Sip and I returned from our recent vacation, Ma Sip was raving about a new chip flavour she had discovered. Upon hearing about the Dutch Crunch variety, I was totally ready for a serving!

The Parmesan & Garlic Kettle Chips are very tasty and addictive. A balance between “rich parmesan and light garlic flavors” was the aim and Dutch Crunch says the chips are perfect for a family picnic or afternoon snack.

Dutch Crunch Parmesan & Garlic Kettle Chips

Kettle chips rank second right behind ripple chips on the Sip Advisor’s potato chip depth chart. I love a good crunch and kettle chips provide that in spades. That’s why I’ve long been a fan of the Old Dutch Foods brand.

Another Dutch Crunch Kettle Chips flavour that intrigues me is the Bistro Blend. This variety features “a savoury mix of garden grown spices” and are apparently served in Upper Midwest restaurants.

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