Snack Time #30 – Doritos Sweet Chili Heat Tortilla Chips

While I previously only enjoyed Doritos Tortilla Chips on rare occasions (ie. whenever they were served), I have to credit this flavour as being my favourite of the line. I’m even willing to bump Cool Ranch down a peg to make that happen.

The Sweet Chili Heat variety has a wonderful mix of sweet and spicy, with a little burn on the backend that is addictive. For whatever reason, the taste reminds me of soy sauce, but I doubt this experience is shared universally. Maybe my palate is all out of whack.

Doritos Sweet Chili Heat

As Doritos describes: “Savour the sweet bold crunch and wait for the heat to kick in. The sweet and savoury spiciness of these tortilla chips will delight your taste buds, making sharing with friends and family a must at your next party, or get-together.”

I first tried these chips at a gathering for a wrestling pay-per-view and I was instantly hooked. Now I use them for nachos, providing a spicy version of the pub favourite, as well as chowing down on them on their own, with satisfying results.

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