Snack Time #28 – Kettle Brand Korean Barbecue Potato Chips

Any visit to Ma and Pa Sip’s home is sure to provide some great food. That was the case on my most recent stay, as we sat down to an afternoon snack, highlighted by opening a bag of these Kettle Brand Potato Chips.

The Korean Barbecue Potato Chips aren’t brand new, but I had not seen the product before until recently and I kind of track these things. In recent times, I’ve really come to enjoy the Korean Barbecue taste and that continues with this spicy release.

Kettle Brand Korean Barbecue Potato Chips.jpg

I really like the Kettle Brand product line. While some experimental products are a bit of a miss (Moscow Mule, Classic Caesar) in my books, I’ve found some real gems, such as their Pepperoncini, Honey Dijon and Maple Bacon.

The Kettle Brand website is also perfect for finding some recipes, as well as potato chip pairing suggestions. I hope they keep up their trial and error ways, for the pleasure and enjoyment of the general potato chip public.

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