Snack Time #25 – McDonald’s Sauces

When news first broke that fan-favourite McDonald’s sauces, such as Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish would soon be hitting store shelves, the Sip Advisor was one of the masses who rejoiced. Ma Sip recently grabbed the Big Mac and McChicken variations, making it a McHappy Day!

First, we’ll start with the Big Mac Sauce. I’ve only recently got back into Big Mac’s as my burger-of-choice, following years of siding with other options. How did the sauce fare on my homemade burger? Well, not bad at all. Of course, some of the other ingredients from the famous Big Mac jingle were absent, but the sauce itself was tasty and close to the real thing.

Next up, was the McChicken Sauce, which has a smaller opening at the top, compared to the Big Mac bottle. When I first discovered the McChicken, it was a game changer. Being cheese adverse, I hated ordering burgers without the stuff, yet often receiving a cheese-filled meal. I was thrilled to find an item that already came sans fromage. The sauce held up here.

McDonald's Sauces.jpg

Finally, I can’t say I’ve ever had a Filet-O-Fish (I know, total blasphemy), so I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to trying that product. Perhaps I should take a chance and give the sandwich a shot, but it’s so hard to stray from your favourites. I figure the dressing can best be thought of as tartar sauce enhanced.

I’m not sure if these sauces are available outside Canada. They can be found at most grocery stores for about $4 per bottle, although I’ve noticed some locations only carrying the Big Mac and McChicken varieties, for whatever reason. The sauces were created as part of a partnership with Kraft Heinz and we thank them for their efforts.

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