Beer of the Week #25 – Three Ranges Tail Slap IPA

As mentioned in a previous Sip Trips report, I recently picked up Three Ranges Brewing’s Orientation Kit mixed six-pack. Of the three options in the set, I wanted to focus on this product, given its amazing label art.

The Tail Slap IPA features one of the fiercest looking Canadian beavers I’ve ever seen. The brew’s taste matches the artwork, with a hoppy ferocity that is well-balanced by its citrus and malt counterparts. The beer comes in at 6.5% ABV and 81 IBUs.

Three Ranges Tail Slap IPA

To go with wicked artwork is a great backstory: “The beaver opened up Canada to the world and took it on the chin as trappers and traders almost drove the species to extinction. But the beaver didn’t get mad. It got angry.”

The Orientation Kit can be found at BC Liquor Stores. Among Three Ranges other offerings, I’d also love to try the Roll in the Hay Hefeweizen, which also uses some fantastic artwork to draw any drinker’s attention.

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