Snack Time #20 – Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix

Ma Sip found this Imperial Nuts snack mix in recent times and I can’t help but grab a handful or two every time I’m over for a visit. After all, the Sip Advisor is a massive trail mix fan.

The Sweet & Savory Bar Mix is very good… delicious even. Featuring Honey Roasted Peanuts, Pretzels, Smoked Almonds, Toffee Peanuts and Spicy Peanuts, what more could you ask for?

Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix

The 1.28kg tub will keep you and your guests well fed for hours. As the canister advertises: “Plenty to share” and “Great for snacking”. I couldn’t have put things better myself.

While the mix is available at a number of different outlets, for Canadians, Ma Sip located the product at the Real Canadian Superstore chain. And I’m so very glad she did!

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