Snack Time #17 – Lays Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Chips

While Mrs. Sip and I were recently in Las Vegas, the Sip Advisor treated himself to a bag of these Lays Potato Chips. I was in the store for a beer and figured the chips would be a wonderful accompaniment to my beverage.

The name of the chips, Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue, is perfect because there’s equal parts sweet and heat. There’s a little more burn to these crisps than some might want or be ready for, but I thoroughly enjoyed the competing tastes.

Lays Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Chips.png

Lays may not be my favourite brand of potato chips (I’m a ripple man, after all), but they do rank within my top five, thanks in part to their willingness to experiment. I would place this variation among my favourite all time from the company.

Sadly, I don’t think these chips are available in Canada, which means I’ll have to be on lookout for them next time we hop across the border. While there, I’ll hopefully also be able to grab a bag of their Honey Barbecue, as well.

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