Snack Time #15 – Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips

Always willing to try odd potato chips flavours (despite my experience in the UK with Walker’s Lamb & Mint crisps!), Ma Sip recently picked up a bag of this very uniquely-flavoured product, which I just had to indulge in.

The Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips were very tasty, with a solid crunch. I was amazed that these chips actually tasted like ham and you could tell they weren’t bacon flavoured. The experience left me wondering why it took so long for a company to go the ham route.

Snackgold Iberian Ham Chips

For those unfamiliar with Iberia and its association with ham, you can look to countries such as Spain and Portugal, which comprise the majority of the Iberian Peninsula. Add in Andorra, Gibraltar and a small parcel of France for Europe’s second largest peninsula.

Snackgold also offers a Black Truffle flavour of gourmet chips. I’ve seen both varieties at Winners stores, although the line is also available online and can likely be tracked down at various import shops, if you’re lucky.

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