Snack Time #12 – Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix

The Sip Advisor is a bigtime fan of trail mixes. Mrs. Sip, cognizant of this fact, recently picked up a pack of Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix for me when she was recently in the States on a girls’ trip.

I’m particularly fond of the mixes that combine peanuts, cashews, almonds, raisins, and candy-coated chocolate, such as the Monster version. The added bonus of this product is the peanut butter chips it also includes. I really enjoy this mix, but find it to be lacking in nut content. To remedy the situation, I often combine the Monster assortment with other peanuts I have on hand, to better balance the blend.

Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix

Sold at Target stores, other Archer Farms variations include Simply Trail; Caramel Cashew; Black & White; Tex Mex; Peanut Butter Monster; Peanuts, Pretzels & Sesame Sticks; Sunny Cranberry; Handful of Everything; Zen Party; Sweet Cajun; and Bunny Bait; among others. They company also dabbles in the plain nut game, with packages including Raw Mixed Nuts; Roasted Jumbo Cashews; and Raw Almonds.

Each Archer Farms mix comes in a variety of formats, from 14 oz re-sealable packs to 36 oz containers. You can even get a bag containing 10 snack-size servings and trail mix bars, for those on the go.

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