Snack Time #3: Trader Joe’s Extraordinary Bark

Mrs. Sip and I picked up this little treat prior to the Christmas season, thinking it would serve as a good hosting gift or even to put out ourselves when friends stopped by for a drink and visit. Somehow, it managed to survive into January, where we devoured it this week.

The Trader Joe’s Extraordinary Bark is comprised of a dark chocolate bark with layers of mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups, pretzels, caramel popcorn and crushed almonds. The Sip Advisor would have loved for it to be all milk chocolate, but that’s a personal preference.


The bar was good to feed four people for dessert and like many items at Trader Joe’s, was not very expensive at all. My favourite part of the confection was the salty pretzel pieces, which always work so nicely with any type of chocolate. The peanut butter cups were also solid.

The Extraordinary Bark is only available during the holiday season, so if you come across it, give it a whirl before it disappears. Fear not, though, as Trader Joe’s also carries a Springtide Bark, featuring dark chocolate bark, milk chocolate gems and a white chocolate drizzle.

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