BC Beer Baron #342 – Steamworks Salty Caramel Ale

On a recent visit to the Steamworks Brew Pub in Downtown Vancouver, the Sip Advisor was finally able to get his hands on this long sought after beverage. All I can say is that the wait was worth it and victory has never tasted so sweet (literally!).

The Salty Caramel Ale blends elements of an Amber Ale and a Scotch Ale with a nice and not overwhelming caramel sweetness, to boot. The 5.3% ABV, 16 IBUs drink also had a subtle salty bite to it, as one would expect, given the beer’s moniker.


This is one of the few products Steamworks has that isn’t available in some form of packaging. To my knowledge, the brew can only be found at the company’s restaurant, appearing at various times throughout the year.

My harrowing tale pursuing this beer began with a Twitter post back in February. When I arrived at the brew pub, I was told the ale was not on tap, as advertised. Months later, it was listed on their ‘coming soon’ menu, but not yet available. Persistence pays off!

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