BC Beer Baron #138 – Okanagan Springs Chili Porter

Each month, as part of this 366-day BC craft beer extravaganza that I will be sharing with you throughout 2016, I will highlight a specific style or theme of beers for a whole week of articles. I used to be hesitant about drinking porters, believing them to mostly be coffee-based in the flavour department. Once I realized that was only half true, a whole new world was opened to me and that’s a world I want to share with others.

Always on the lookout for new and different beers, this Okanagan Springs Brewing release instantly caught my eye when it first hit the market last fall.

The Chili Porter is a winter seasonal limited release that I really enjoy thanks to its higher alcohol content (6.5% ABV) and spicy finish. This beer may not be for everyone, but it’s right up my alley. OK Springs dares drinkers to “Warm up your winter,” but they also have a more traditional porter option, if chili heat just isn’t your thing.

Okanagan Springs Chili Porter

I first tried this beer at the Grand Tasting Hall (beer only portion) of last year’s Hopscotch Festival. Luckily, I knew one of the reps running their booth and was able to score a few samples of this brew… for research purposes, of course.

The beer is available in its own six-pack, as well as part of Okanagan Springs Winter Craft Pack, which includes two bottles each of six different beer varieties. If you only want to sample the brew and are worried you may not like it, you may want to go with the latter option.

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