BC Beer Baron #80 – Granville Island West Coast Pale Ale

A couple weeks back, Mrs. Sip and I made a pilgrimage to one of BC’s craft beer meccas, Granville Island Brewing. Okay, so we only had to each take short bus rides to meet there, but it can’t be denied that Granville Island is one of the originators of the industry, in this part of the world.

While Mrs. Sip sampled their North German Pilsner, I chose one of their other small batch releases, the West Coast Pale Ale (not to be confused with GIB’s English Bay Pale Ale). While I’ve had better from Granville Island, this was a decent beer, with a fair amount of hops to add a little punch to the beverage.

Granville Island Brewing

I’m always happy (and prefer) to drink west coast products – it is the best coast, after all – and am proud to hail from this side of the content. Nothing against the east, which holds its own treasures, but the way of life out west just can’t be topped.

Popping into Granville Island’s tasting room has always been a good experience. It brings back memories of my earliest days of craft beer enjoyment, when a much younger Sip Advisor was just learning of the wonders the world holds and is capable of sharing with its inhabitants.

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