BC Beer Baron #68 – R&B Hidcote Purple Lavender Saison

The second stop on our Brewery Creek crawl took us to R&B Brewing, where we were able to sample a handful of beers at their growler fill station.

Mrs. Sip was a big fan of their Hidcote Purple Lavender Saison, which is very subtle in the lavender department. She liked it so much that she grabbed a bomber bottle for the road… which the Sip Advisor then had to carry around all day! Coming in at 5.7% ABV, the beer is a little boozier than most saisons I’ve encountered and I think that works for Mrs. Sip, who prefers Belgian tripels of all things.

R&B Lavender Saison

The saison is part of the brewery’s Mount Pleasant Series and is a limited release. This fifth entry into that series only hit taps earlier this month and the servers we spoke to over the weekend, didn’t expect the beer to last long. If saisons or experimental beers are your thing, I’d act fast on this intriguing product.

We may have visited R&B just a little too early, as they anticipate their tasting room to officially open in the next week or so. We were able to duck our heads quickly into the almost ready facility and it looks like it will be a highlight of future stops in the neighbourhood. All the best to the team that has worked so hard to get this up and running.

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